Welcome to schelastic.com’s blog where expanding education is our motivation! My husband, George, and I have felt a strong pull towards informing others on educational topics especially as they relate to homeschooling. In my experience working in the public sector, private sector and schooling from home, I would like to share a fresh perspective to busy stay-at-home moms, working moms, and busy parents in general.

Partnering with my husband in being proud parents of four children (11, 10, 5 and one on the way), we are very passionate about their education and futures.

Many have a preconceived idea about what homeschooling is:

  • a decision to keep a child away from the hardships that may come from a public education environment and keep bullies out of a child’s life
  • a way to gain more control of a child’s education
  • a way for a traveling family to not skip a beat
  • a way for children to move faster through curriculum

In reality, regardless of your view of homeschooling  it is simply “school at home.”   Anyone can teach anytime, anywhere, on any topic.  A working mom is just as capable of homeschooling as a stay at home mom. You don’t have to be a certified educator to teach and even if you are, you don’t have to do it all alone. We are all learning or teaching at any given time. Parents and guardians are teaching their child how to live life on a daily basis through all their actions and activities.   Children and adults learn from each other all the time. Sometimes, I am completely baffled at some of the creative ideas my own children come up with.   Education is everywhere, flexible, expandable, achievable, and excludes no one. At schelastic.com we want to give you the resources and the opportunity to open your mind to the possibility that education is formal and informal and that we all need to make use of everything available to expand your education and that of others in every area. Thanks for stopping by!

Be Elastic-Expand Yourself and Others!

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