Everyone Homeschools

How often do you homeschool? Everyone homeschools to some extent. The question is, “What percentage of your child’s education is in your hands?” Some give an amazing 100%, supporting  their child’s learning experience from Grammar to Algebra and beyond.  Others take on about 25-50% by guiding and reviewing all of the homework that comes home. There are wide ranges all the way down to the 10% that the child learns by just watching what the guardian is doing-they absorb social skills at least. I come from a very strong family unit and despite our normal and minor differences, someone once said about us, “you mess with one of them and you mess with them all!” I take that as a complement and a realization of the life lesson that our parents unknowingly instilled in us as children. Children absorb things all around them positive and negative. If you are around children, you are also imparting something into their lives whether you mean to or not.

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