Fun is for the Birds!

This past summer we enjoyed a bird house kit, well, to tell you the truth, “we” is too many people! I am more of the “everything must be perfect” type before we get started on a project. My children, on the other hand, are the “fly by the seat of their pants” type. I am working on being a little more spontaneous as I teach them a little structure and organization

I actually heard them playing and talking in their room. As a mother of four I was enjoying the fact that I was not being interrupted for once. Little did I know they had taken on this project. I should have known that all that kind cooperating between a 12, 10 and 6-year-old meant something sneaky was going on. By sneaky, I mean they were painting in their bedroom without permission and without something protecting the carpet!

Well, after I saw their work of art, instead of getting upset at the countless possibilities for an artful disaster on the carpet, I calmly reiterated my proper painting procedures and went on to enjoy the wonderful piece of art. The beautiful bird house has become a constant reminder of how (for them) it IS possible for them to all get along and cooperate and (for me) spontaneity does not have to end up a disaster! Of course, we took some pictures to remember where we painted it and then hung it out on the crepe myrtle in the back yard.

Now the reason for the late post… we are just now starting to get visitors! We are excited even though we have not been able to catch any of them on camera yet.

Notice the Carpet! Surprisingly, it remained unstained!

Here it is!!

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