THE POCKET WATCH by Daniel Galindo

Once upon a time there was a pocket watch… NOT JUST ANY POCKET WATCH!!! This pocket watch was made in the year 1896 in a town where the skies were dark and the winds sounded like screams. In a place called…SLEPPY-HOLLOW once in, you NEVER EVER come out!!! One day, a man without a name made a pocket watch… a pocket watch that was supposed to allow him to travel through time… but something went horribly wrong. Instead of allowing him to travel through time, somehow the pocket watch had a mind of it’s own and it hypnotized the man and he was under the pocket watch’s control. The pocket watch made him create a virus that would get the entire town under the pocket watch’s control. The plan worked perfectly but there was only one family that survived. Their father was a professor and his assistant was his son, Frodo. Frodo and his father were always trying to create a cure for their mother, who had a sickness that to live, she would need to be in a deep sleep for 9 years. While they were still trying to make a cure, they heard about the virus that the man without a name made and that they were the last victims. Fortunately, they had kept the medicines that did not work on the cure, but they had an idea. They mixed up the medicines and created a cure not only for the town, but hopefully, for their mother. Their plan worked perfectly as well, but they still had to destroy the pocket watch. (WARNING: This part of the story is be WAY too violent, gory, and scary for kids, so I am just going to skip it)The pocket watch was finally destroyed, but there was still one more thing to do… they had to try the cure on their mother. And it worked! The family was so happy that they completely transformed the town. Now the skies were blue and the wind sounded like, well, wind. And do you want to know what the man without a name really was? His name was…DR. CLOCKWORK!!! MWA HA HA HA! No, not really, it was Phil.

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