Chocolatania by: Amorina Galindo

Once upon a time there was a robot, named Remi, but this isn’t any ordinary robot. This is a very powerful and kind robot who just so happens to be the king of a chocolate kingdom! A kingdom called Chocolatania! In this kingdom everything was made from chocolate. The people’s beds were made of white chocolate, their TV’s were made of dark chocolate, and the trees were made of milk chocolate. Their diets are pretty basic; chocolate milk for breakfast, chocolate milkshakes for lunch, chocolate ice cream topped with hot chocolate syrup and chocolate chips for dinner, and, you, guessed it, chocolate cake with chocolate icing for dessert. (And in case you were wondering; they were always good and healthy.)

One day while the King Remi was eating his lunch, on his big royal chocolate throne, his most faithful servant, named Coco, rushed in with some terrible news! “Oh, King Remi! I have terrible news!” Coco wailed. “What is it? What has happened?” King Remi asked very concerned. The King was very kind and loved his people very much. “It’s the chocolate jewels…they have been stolen!!!” Coco sobbed. The chocolate jewels were very important to the kingdom. They were not only were the chocolate jewels the most delicious made chocolate in the kingdom, but they were also magical. So magical in fact that the whole kingdom was powered by these four chocolate jewels, one was white chocolate, the other was dark chocolate, another was milk chocolate, and the last was cookies ‘n cream chocolate. Without these chocolate jewels the whole kingdom wouldn’t exist.

Well King Remi was furious; this wouldn’t be good news for the people in Chocolatania. In this type of situation you would have to think fast who might’ve done this terrible crime, so it didn’t take long for King Remi to figure out who did it. He knew it had to have been…

Prince cauliflower!!!

Why, you may ask would a prince named Cauliflower want an unhealthy sweet like chocolate? Well if you would believe it, the evil prince didn’t like any type of vegetable! In fact Prince Cauliflower had wanted to change his name ever since he could eat!

Anyway, King Remi declared a state of emergency. The whole kingdom needed to evacuate and make camp in the Marshmallow Forest until the chocolate jewels were safely returned to their rightful place in the palace. Meanwhile King Remi and his army started on their quest to find their precious chocolate jewels. Three days went by, then ten; fifteen and then a whole month went by. They passed Candy-Corn Farm, Jello Swamp, and had just crossed over the Licorice Bridge before they finally found Prince Cauliflower and the chocolate jewels in a little shack made of celery and carrots. “There it’s finished!” Prince Cauliflower exclaimed, “This plan is full proof. It has to work!” With that King Remi and his royal guards burst through the door and startled Prince Cauliflower so much he tripped over a chair and landed flat on his back!

One of the guards was just about to lunge at Prince Cauliflower with his sword but King Remi stopped him not looking at the soldier. They all stood there silently in astonishment. One of the guards broke the silence, “King Remi? Is that a…heart?!” Standing before them was an eight foot tall heart filled with all kinds of chocolate. King Remi was confused, “What is this?” he asked Prince Cauliflower. Prince Cauliflower sighed, “It’s a valentine for Princess Fudge okay?” he said very embarrassed. “What?” King Remi was still confused. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I made this especially for her because I…love her.

“Oh, now I get it, and let me guess she likes chocolate too huh?” King Remi asked. “Yes, so I thought if I made this for her she might like me back.” Prince Cauliflower said. “Well I’m sure she’ll like the chocolate, and the heart, but…” King Remi’s voice trailed off. “What? What’s wrong with it?!” Prince Cauliflower exclaimed. “Oh, nothing at all. It’s just…” King Remi’s voice trailed off again. Then he had an idea. “I just thought it would be nice if…you took her on a trip. You know just you and her.”

“Yes, Yes, YES! Of course!!! That would be perfect! She wouldn’t be able to resist…Oh no!” Prince Cauliflower exclaimed. “What’s wrong?” said King Remi. “Where will I take her? It has to be somewhere perfect; somewhere she’s never been before, but where?”

“Well,” King Remi said like he had just thought of something, “You could take her to Chocolatania.” “Oh I’m sure she would love to go there! After all she does love chocolate as much as I do.” Prince Cauliflower said with a grin. “Oh yes, definitely but I’m afraid you can’t.” King Remi said with his best fake disappointment face. “Oh, really? And just who’s going to stop me?” he asked challengingly as he drew his sword. “Well…you. YOU’RE getting in the way of your own plan.” King Remi said.

“What are you talking about? My plan is full proof. It’s got to work!”   Prince Cauliflower said very annoyed. “I’m sure it would…if Chocolatania was still there.” King Remi said. “What do you mean, ‘if Chocolatania was still there’? It couldn’t have just got up and walked off.” Prince Cauliflower said sternly. “Oh it didn’t but like I said before YOU’RE getting in the way of your own plan.” King Remi said. “How am I getting in the way of MY OWN plan?!” Prince Cauliflower asked furiously. “When you took the four chocolate jewels you thought they were just like any other kind of chocolate, but what you didn’t know was that they were magical.”

Prince Cauliflower’s face drained. “So magical in fact that they just so happen to power my whole kingdom. So if they got eaten, well…let’s just say that it wouldn’t be a very romantic place for a couple to go to.” King Remi said with a chuckle. “Oh no, my plan is ruined!” Prince Cauliflower sobbed. “Actually, it might still work with the help of yours truly.” King Remi said proudly. “How? How can you help me?” Prince Cauliflower said eagerly. “Maybe we can do a little trade.” King Remi said happily. “What kind of trade?” Prince Cauliflower asked willingly. “If you give us back all four of the chocolate jewels we’ll make sure that you and Princess Fudge have the best of everything we have to offer. Is it a deal?” King Remi asked as he stretched out his hand. Prince Cauliflower dropped his sword and immediately his face brightened. “YES, YES, YES!” Prince Cauliflower said as he lunged the jewels at King Remi. The kingdom was restored, the King and his people moved back to their homes, and Prince Cauliflower and Princess Fudge also lived happily ever after.

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