Book Review: Advice for Seekers


Wonderfully pleased! What an amazing book! I am a fan of Charles H. Spurgeon for sure. This text, Advice for Seekers, is great for new converts and for seasoned believers as well. I really think this type of teacher is few and far in-between. I especially like Spurgeon because of the fact that he can be so simple yet kick you right in the rear at the same time. This is a short book that you will want to read over and over again as it continually puts you in your place spiritually. Reading the content makes you realize that if you pridefully think that you have your perfect-self in order, you’re not even close. In the same instance, there is a gentle check it puts you through if you are the type that believes you are no good and fall to short to be important to Our Father God as Spurgeon explains God’s unfailing love.Spurgeon at age 23.

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