2013 Summer Schedule

Each month will have a one week off “vacation” time followed by 3 weeks of activities.

The Summer 1 session is from June 10th -28th, Monday – Thursday*, 9 am-4p.m. Themes include:

Week 1: Technology/Web page building/Cyber Safety

Week 2: Creative Writing

Week 3: Entrepreneurship

The Summer 2 session is from July 8th – 26th, Monday – Thursday*, 9 am-4p.m. Themes include:

Week 1: Baking /cooking

Week 2: Science Lab/Ecology

Week 3: Crafts

The Summer 3 session is August 5th –23rd, Monday – Thursday*, 9 am-4p.m. Themes include:

Week 1: Book Club

Week 2: Music

Week 3: Art

Themes and class activities will include Bible devotion time, online work, language arts and math infused activities as well as enrichment activities.  Weekly cost is $165.

Students are required to bring a personal laptop to participate in online activities and lessons.

Registration is required two weeks before each session begins.

Deadlines are S1- May 27th, S2- June 24th, and S3-July 29th.

*Friday’s will be set aside for possible field trips, at least one per session.

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