Book Review: Dear Dad


Dear Dad was a vivid account of a young girl’s life in dealing with the memories of her relationship with her father. Sundi Jo, goes through very descriptive stories that bring you right into the room with her as she deals with denial, alcoholism, friendships, sisterhood, and a daughter wanting to be redeemed.

At times you will have to remind yourself that this is not an intriguing fiction write up but rather a very true story that tells of coming to Christ through the courage of letting go of addiction.

Sundi Jo tells her story honestly and leaves no reason to doubt. It reminded me that (as a friend once told me) it is crucial to not only enthusiastically receive the sinner to Christ but to not judge the new or experienced Christian when dealing with sin. We all have times of trial and have opportunities to deal in the best or easiest way possible. Sometimes neither of those ways is God’s way. “BUT GOD”, as we say is a faithful redeemer, who goes out and leads his stray sheep back to the right track by using His healing power through His word and His love as expressed through friends servants of God, and family that love us. If you love happy endings, you will not be displeased!

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