Book Review: The Lifestyle of a Prophet


 by James W Goll

The Lifestyle of a Prophet is a very well-organized book with tons of information in it that shows where the heart of a prophet should be. Broken into three sections titled The Lifestyle of Intimacy, The Lifestyle of Wisdom, and The Lifestyle of Revelation, one can see the building of the concepts needed to live a prophetic lifestyle.   I did not take this book lightly. Reading through it and really processing it, may take more than the 21 given days for some. It has a lot of “meat” in it. Full of scripture, it guides you through the lifestyle of biblical prophets and their transformations with and in Christ. It deals with judgment, forgiveness, love, revelation and worship. It ends each chapter with a prayer and an “embracing your calling” section of questions that lead to a deep recounting of who you really are and what your relationship with Christ is like. It delves deeply into worshiping God to create a lifestyle of intimacy with Him. This book affected me in a great way. I believe that though it is a 21-day journey revisiting it again for another 21-day is not a bad idea at all. This book is for the “seasoned” prophet as well as for those interested in learning what being a prophet is all about.

I received this free book from Chosen Books a derivative of Bethany publishing in return for an honest review of the book.

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