Cedar Hill by Amorina Galindo (an assignment for American Literature class)

Cedar Hill

Sun is shining, people chiming,

all around the square.

Girls are shopping, Guys are hopping,

Happiness everywhere.

Look! A couple is sitting in a café,

what a sight to see.

Giggling, loving, kissing, hugging,

sipping at their coffee.

Look! Look! Again I say,

in the Candy Store!

There are two children inside,

eating more and MORE!

Look! Look! Look!

Oh my! Do you see?

A family is having a picnic,

oh so happily.

The day has turned to night,

but the people are still here.

But why?

Oh! A concert is coming near!

People are cheering, and having fun,

Everyone’s happy, but now we’re done.

It’s time to go home and sleep in our beds,

So ends another day at the Cedar Hill Bend.