Book Review: Clean

Clean: A Proven Plan for Men Committed to Sexual Integrity by Douglas Weiss, PhD is correctly titled but could definitely be titled for women or any person wanting to break another addiction.


Though this book is mostly referring to men, Weiss does address, very shortly I might add, that women have the same issues especially in today’s time.  He uses specific advice for overcoming these desires but I wouldn’t necessarily agree with every single suggestion he makes for recourse. Realizing that not every method is suited for every person there are several suggestions to choose from. Though overpowering sexual addiction is the main topic here, it is relatable by applying his simple tactics to recovering from other bad habits as well. I have heard of using these same tactics for other types of addictions. Weiss has personal experience in overcoming a sexual addiction for 25 years, which makes his suggestions all the more worth trying. As with any bad habit breaking, it’s in personal follow through and in my opinion relying on Almighty God for the strength to move forward. This text is not for those seeking to gain their overcoming power from the “universe.” It is full of Biblical references that create a powerful foundation to stand on. He addresses overcoming faith, humility, the characteristic of addiction and pride. I believe these are all applicable to any sinful behavior. Needless to say, the reading of this book won’t hurt you. If you are dealing with an addiction or not it is good information.

I received this book from booksneeze .com in return for an honest review.

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