Book Review: Busy Mamas by Pam Forster


As I read through this study guide, I was in complete agreement with the author’s statements of the importance of connecting with God. She made a comparison that stated how we have to feed on His word as much as we feed on food for our bodies to stay healthy. Forster gave creative options for making even the reluctant reader interested in getting into the Word of God. With options like those suggested the organized and unorganized will both be able to get into studying the Bible in a manner that is tasteful to them. She encourages beginners and veterans of the Christian lifestyle to revisit the depth of their relationship with God by taking baby steps in getting to know Him using His divine Word to build that connection. She reiterates how essential it is to make time, even if it’s just five minutes to learn from the Master.  The book is easy to read and is a practical guide for mothers like Pam who have a busy lifestyle full of raising schooling children and working. The book is compact for stashing in a bag for opening at any time. It is broken into 30 lessons just as the title states. It also includes four appendices that include: Materials for Your Study, Ideas for Marking in Your Bible, How to Make Time When You Have Small Children and How to Study More on Your Own. Aside from her book she has a blog at She also breaks down Bible study into segments by teaching how to do a word study, meditate, memorize, and dissect the “ifs”, “thens, and”buts”   to gain more insight into the passage, she even gives a grammar lesson! I am very pleased with Thirty Days of Bible Study for Busy Mamas: Colossians 3 by Pam Foster. It fulfills an important topic with creativity for those of us who have that Martha spirit, whether we know it or not.

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