Book Review: Cassie & Caleb

Cassie and Caleb Discover God’s Wonderful Design  By Susan Hunt and Richie Hunt

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What a wonderfully pleasant book! You will enjoy this book from the Plants and Pillars Series. Taken from the book, The Plants and Pillars series teaches children fundamental truth in a fun and interactive way. Based on Psalm 144:12, the text really helps build up your child.

Susan Hunt and Richie Hunt did a fabulous job at putting together a devotional type book that allows parents and children alike to touch on several topics with scripture and stories.  They have a wonderful letter to the parent, teacher, or grandparent stating the five goals they have for children through their book, focusing on Holy Spirit, drawing nearer to the church, and loving the word of God. Following this letter you will find suggestions for using the book, which as an educator and mother, I LOVE! I am always looking for new ideas and the description of using a “first catechism” was great. I had only experienced the idea of first catechism when I was a “non-practicing Catholic” Ha! Hunt and Hunt explain that it is simply a question and answer method of teaching which has been used for centuries to disciple children and adults.

Each chapter has a unique topic to discuss with children from marriage to doing things as unto the Lord. At the end of the chapters there are discussion questions, reading assignments, and prayer starters. I really enjoyed sharing the chapters with my child.  We talked about things we had never spoken of before. I think you will enjoy it also.

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