Book Review: Nearing Home

Nearing Home: Life, Faith, and Finishing Well By Billy Graham


I know this book is for those in their later years and though I know we all expect to grow old some of us may not, yet, in preparation of either situation, Nearing Home is a fulfilling read. It not only prepares you for going home to heaven but in it Graham also shares so many moments about life that it helps us in supporting others in ways we may not have known.

I, like many others, absolutely adore Billy Graham and his history in impacting the world for Christ. It seems he has been everywhere! When I received the opportunity to review this book I jumped on it. His wisdom and experiences resonate throughout the text as he explains the true value of living a fulfilling life focused on what God values-wisdom, knowledge, a good name and faith.

Wonderful chapters like “Fading Strength but Standing Strong”, “The Impact of Hope”, “Foundations that Last” are among the enlightening topics Billy Graham touches on. One of my favorite parts within the chapter Influencing the Impressionable is “The greatest legacy you can pass on to your children and grandchildren is not your money or the other material things you have accumulated in life.” pg119

Preparing all for the end years in the most real and gentle way possible for facing the truth of death of others and yourself demystified the process and helps to cancel out the fear involved.

All Billy Graham fans will love it!

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