Book Review: So Long, insecurity: teen edition

so long_

By Beth Moore

My Daughter and I absolutely loved this book. It has the best topics that keep mom and daughter feeling hip and up to date without crossing over on each other’s territory, lol!  My daughter read it the first day we got it, and well, consumed the entire book.  I asked my daughter to write her thoughts as she read the book and these are her words:

Day 1: It’s like Beth Moore can read my mind! She knows exactly what I feel like!

I LOVE how she puts all her thought and chapters in a biblical teen magazine.

Her quizzes, advice, and biblical input really bring the book to life!

Her advice on boys is thought changing! By just reading the first three pages it’s like, I GET IT       NOW!!!

It’s been 2 hours… I can’t put this book down!

Day 2: I enjoy reading not only her writing but also the verses that joins writing them and makes the book.

Isaiah 43:1-3 is my favorite verse, thanks to Beth Moore I found it.

I hope she make MORE of these books! They are awesome and I was really drawn to it.

I felt that the topics of discussion were right on target. Chapter Five discusses how to overcome difficult situations and gives a “how-to” list that I could have used at that age for sure! I especially appreciated the subject of effectively using your calling. I believe the pressure to measure up should submit to the prize of following your calling. Equally as important are the topics of jealousy, competition, and BOYS!! Moore covers all of these in the coolest way! I am glad she did! And, I ditto my daughter’s comment up above, “I hope she make MORE of these books!” They will definitely be on my shelf with three daughters!!

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion in a review.

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