To All My Nervous Homeschool Mommies…

To all my nervous mommies getting ready to homeschool… YOU CAN DO IT!!! There is an amazing amount of information on the internet. Resources are bountiful and I wanted to share a few with you today. Read through the links below and don’t be nervous, all ideas are workable and changeable. Go with the flow and have fun! As God for wisdom during the process. He has equipped you to do what you have to do to raise your child the way he has laid it on your heart. Learning with your child is the best thing you can do. Remember-It doesn’t have to be perfect. Peacefully look through these links and pick up what you can use, discard the rest and ENJOY YOUR TIME with that special little (or big) person in your life:


Teaching Strategies

Lesson Planning Activities, Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies

Teaching Tools, Puzzlemaker, Art Gallery, Brain Boosters

Graphic Organizers and Checklists for Reading Books and Websites:

Strategies for Reading Comprehension

Resources for Parents and Teachers

Instructional Materials for Teachers

Instructional Reading Materials

Teacher Resources

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