Book Review: The Christian Alphabet

By Tracy Sands


If you are looking for a good resource for helping you guide your child or class through the alphabet with faith, hope, and love, you got it! Tracy Sands has used her expertise as an Art Education major to create this “meaty” text with plenty of options to teach. She uses the text to teach the gospel but anyone teaching a child can incorporate the scriptures, alphabet, art, symbols, and prayers into a wonderful lesson. The table of contents is in alphabetical order with each letter representing a word from A-Always to Z-Zion! “Love the Dove” guides you through the text on each section where you will find a definition to each letter/word, a scripture, and a guided prayer. Sands did a good job incorporating art into the words representing each letter but I did find it a bit antiquated for the artwork integrated into the books today’s time. That obviously is just my personal preference being that I enjoy more modern looking artwork. She also explains on the opposite page of each lesson and prayer page the reason behind her art and the symbols she used, labeling the art work with key words that you can look up in the back of the book for explanations. As I read through the symbology section in the back I learned quite a few things myself. I am sure this will minister to a child of God of any age 2-92!
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