Book Review: Red Like Blood

By Joe Coffey and Bob Bevington


This book is funny, serious, raw, enthralling and heart breaking all in one! It is also preferable to me that more of a mature audience read it. Story after gripping story you see how God’s grace abounds. Just flipping through it you will be touched and not want to put it down. I was very touched with the stories and I ever cried and laughed as I related to several of the testimonies. I remember Joyce Meyer said once during a sermon don’t criticize a person smoking a cigarette outside the church you never know if they have just let go of drugs. To somebody who’s been on the streets or struggled through life, this book is very understandable and relatable. To those that have not had any horrible experiences some of the text can come as a shocker because it’s a bit rugged at times.  If you get caught up in that you will lose the whole meaning of the book. Be prepared, at some point in this book you will face yourself whether you want to admit it or not.

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2 Comments on “Book Review: Red Like Blood”

  1. 4gazpacho says:

    A very nice review. I experienced many of the same feelings as you did when I read this book, too.