Book Review: Seeking Christmas

Seeking Christmas by Renee Robinson is a useful tool for anyone wanting to enlighten others about the true meaning of Christmas. Short and simple to understand, this resource will help you get organized. It offers different online resources for download. The activities are well planned out and diversified for all age groups. She has offered modifications for planning out the devotionals for a lesson a day or several lessons together in one sitting for those wanting to shorten the time to complete the activities. Aside from an introduction, the instructions on how to use the book and a section on modifications and suggestions, the book is divided into a seven-day devotional divided up into chapters. Each chapter or day is categorized into five sections called Remember, Read, Reflect, Rejoice, and Research. These sections describe the beautiful and enlightening scripture behind Christmas and allow for more research of the historical basis behind Christmas. There are parts directed for adults and others made just for children. The reflection section is made to be read aloud to your children or read by an older child.  It is a good resource for those wanting a beginner’s resource for understanding the history of Christmas and understanding how to start a tradition. The beautiful part about purchasing the text is the author’s commitment to support orphans with the proceeds.

seeking chrismtas

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