Book Review: Sinner’s Creed- A Memoir


The story behind the lead singer of Creed -Scott Stapp

A very real account of what a child of God goes through and overcomes. Scott’s memoir is full of revealing detail that some would never want to expose of their personal life. The situations he found himself in from childhood to adulthood are very relatable. From childhood to high school he included situations that many of would hoard and allow to fester in bad attitude and behavior with only the excuse of blaming their past to live on. His personal experience was full of failing moments, hard times and hard lessons. I appreciated his transparency. Actually, I had a hard time putting this book down because I felt as if I had someone waiting on me to finish a conversation. I was intrigued with his perseverance to move forward to realize who he was based on where he had come from and what he had experienced. Only the strongest individuals are able to conquer their past and push forth to the future. This intriguing book doesn’t just include his story it also entails family photos. His wife and children play a major part in his life as for many. He also included his CD and lyrics. This is a story of God’s impact on the life of one of His children working on overcoming this world by grace and through forgiveness. As I listened to the CD I had the pictures of his life running through my head because I could see what I had read and what he experienced in order to get to those lyrics. If only we could all put words to our experiences as he does. We would all be better for it I am sure.  I was excited to review this entire package. I enjoyed it all!

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