DVD Review: Awesome Science

Awesome Science’s

Explore the Rocky Mountain National Park


Explore Glacier National Park

Considering we have never travel led to these wonderful parks, this DVD “field trip” was perfect. The pictures and descriptions were wonderfully majestic as we connected God’s earth with the information presented. I have to say that at first the children were a bit hesitant to view the documentary but as we stopped the DVD to discuss Noah’s commentary we had great discussions. His presentation of both secular scientist’s points of view and creationist’s point of view on the parks makeups were great food for thought. The content was a bit above their heads but in stopping and talking about it, as well as, moving toward the scriptures presented helped us focus on more than just science. God’s wonderful creation and how it has changed over the years created in us the desire to understand the content in a way that made it apply to real life for us. These videos are not just more information to hold on to but include content that help non-scientist understand the proof that coincide with biblical events. Some of the comments I received from children viewing these DVD’s were, “I like that he used the bible for his history guide, ““I liked how in-depth he went with his facts and backing it up with different scriptures,” and “This is interesting information, I think this young man is setting a good example for learning about new things and integrating the bible to science.” Needless to say, these are worth incorporating into your curriculum.

explore-glacier-national-park  explore-rocky-mountains

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Disclaimer:   I received these DVD for free from New Leaf Publishing Group as part of the Moms of Master Books program.

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