Book Review: Growing up God’s Way for girls/Growing up God’s Way for boys

By Dr. Chris Richards and Dr. Liz Jones

The Growing up God’s Way for boys and Growing up God’s Way for girls are an easy introduction for parents to guide a child through puberty. The “birds and the bees” can be a challenging topic if you grew up like I did without any information. The girl’s version is written for 9-13 year old girls while the boy’s version is for 10-14 year old boys in mind. This book touches on puberty, physical intimacy, changes in thought, dating, preparing for the future, and marriage, all through the lens of a biblical view. Both the boys and girls version have the same contents, each modified for the gender in reference. Both touch on opposite gender’s reproductive system and both have the same small paragraph describing intercourse. I found that, for someone who finds it difficult to have the words, it is easier to read through it together and answer questions than try with difficulty only to stumble around. A parent will probably find it useful in that some tend to skip around in that kind of conversation and these books hit every area, emotional, biological, and physical. The illustrations included are real depictions of the anatomy. Parents can help a child walk through the fertilization process and how babies are formed. Ultimately, it is a good, easy read and a kick starter to a very necessary conversation. I do suggest that a parent read through it first as one may have a different opinion on how to share intercourse or dating. I had a few additional comments to make than those covered in the text. Dr. Christ Richards and Dr. Liz Jones did a nice job at formulating a complete guide to the beautiful way God created his children’s bodies. Book Review by L. Galindo Up God's Way for Girls by Dr. Chris Richards & Dr. Liz Jones. Book Cover


I received complimentary copy of these books from Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for an independent and unbiased review.




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