Curriculum Review: The Universe

The Universe: From Comets to Constellations

Tom De Rosa and Carolyn Reeves did a wonderful job on The Universe: From Comets to Constellations, Elementary Astronomy Curriculum. I reviewed a group of books, the text itself, teacher’s guide, and the student journal. This is not a complete science curriculum but rather a great resource for the universe theme. I found that though the text says elementary it seems geared toward upper elementary rather than lower. That being said one can use the information included and gear it toward any level necessary. The teacher’s/parent guide breaks down the chapters into easy to use instructions starting with objectives, notes, and answers to the “What did you learn?” section, all in black and white. The Student text is full of full color pictures of the universe, scientist and other useful images. The layout is wonderful in that it informs the student what they will be thinking about as well as the questions they will be answering. There is also an easy to read, “Gather These Things” list. Following are the procedure and observations they will be using, the reading material, discussion questions, a making connections section with illustration, and a dig deeper segment as well. The materials used in the experiments are simple ones you can find around the house but the experience in observing them can be priceless. Another of my favorite parts is the “Pause and Think” part that includes the biblical connection to the content studied. It is all very well-organized as you use all books in conjunction with each other. The  work book has a section for each correlating part in the text leaving space for taking notes during the activity/experiment and the “What Did You Learn” category. It is very difficult to be disappointed with such an organized and thorough piece of work. I think anyone would enjoy the entire series of De Rosa’s and Reeve’s books. Book Review by Laura Galindo

the universe

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