Curriculum Review: It’s Not Greek To Me



I have always wanted to learn some Greek, so I was excited about getting this curriculum into my hands. I was not sure how my students would respond. At first they were a little taken aback by the thought of learning Greek but after watching the DVD and encountering the instructor Todd Friel, they were no longer hesitant to try it out. Todd Friel presents a simpler more usable way to learn Greek as an introduction to a deeper understanding of Greek. His first lesson’s motto “Don’t Memorize, Just Get It!” turns a difficult introduction to Greek, into a simpler starter. He states you are not going to learn 1) how to translate or interpret 2) vocables or lists of vocabulary and 3) endings or rather several endings that are characteristic of the Greek language. The points he does emphasis as on the list of learning objectives are 1) how to read Greek 2) how to speak the (Koine-street) Greek language 3) how the language works 4) how to utilize a concordance 5) how to use a lexicon 6) improve your English 7) recognize English roots of Greek words 8) checking original scriptures/check false teaching 9) understanding commentary 10) understanding your pastor 11) understand the fullness of time and 12) learn to love Jesus more! Despite the first message shared “Don’t Memorize, Just Get It!” – Lesson 2 is about memorizing the alphabet. Friel mentions this is the hardest thing you will have to memorize but it is totally necessary in order to read or speak the language. He also continues to use the comment, “you must memorize that” throughout which I found a bit funny. The information presented will definitely be useful as it helps understand our own language with more depth which is greatly needed in today’s time. By Lesson 3 you can already be reading scripture in Greek.


The parent lesson planner (PLP) includes a 90-day lesson planner and worksheets and practice sheets that are clearly labeled for scheduling and helps the student through the DVD as they fill in the blank while Friel teaches. The curriculum is definitely for the mature student as it is labeled for “teens and adults” that can follow along and understand his teaching as he assumes the Greek student knows all the grammatical terms. He does review some of the terms but not all. Todd Friel teaches at a fast pace with passion and humor. This is a great way to start learning Greek and decide if you want to go any further with it.

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I have been given a copy of this curriculum by Master Books By New Leaf Publishing  in exchange of an honest review.

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