Book Review: The Flood of Noah

The Flood of Noah: Legends & Lore of Survival

Edited and Compiled by Bodie Hodge and Laura Welch

Illustrations by Bill Looney


The Flood of Noah is a wonderful, interactive book capturing the interest of all ages. The colorful pages are full of historical data that combine legends of the flood from across the world and through many cultures. Looney did a phenomenal job at illustrating with a variety of technique. Readers who especially enjoy visually perceptive works will find this text a joy.  Hodge and Welch use multiple references to compile the information for lessons in science, history and bible in many formats.  I truly enjoyed flipping through the pages, pulling on the tabs, spinning the wheels, and taking in all the beautiful pictures. I know my students will as well.

The comparison of flood legends is important information to be visited as it confirms much of the biblical account of the story itself. Throughout time and countries Noah’s ark has been named by several cultural groups and although the accounts are not exactly the same, they are very similar indeed. Hodge and Welch include a list of names used to describe Noah and his story across cultures. They also have a table referring to his wife included. Students of the flood can flip through pages of historical accounts, maps, illustrations, and charts describing the details in countries like Africa, Lithuania, Mexico, Australia, and Greece. At the end of the book Hodge and Welch share the message of salvation.

An educational piece of work that can be used by parents and teachers alike,  this book is very interesting, to say the least. To those who are familiar with Noah’s and his story, there is a sense of amazement at the reality of the recognition this account gets all around the world.


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*Master Books has provided me with a copy of The Flood of Noah in return for my honest review.


Review By: L. Galindo

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