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Juice: Recipes for Juicing, Cleansing, and Living Well

Carly de Castro, Hedi Gores & Hayden Slater, Founders of Pressed Juicery

Photos by Anaïs & Dax

As an amateur juicer, I have juiced off and on. Different times in my life I have been more motivated than others, for the most part life gets so busy that it is pretty much out of sight out of mind or a serious lack of planning. Juice: Recipes for Juicing, Cleansing, and Living Well puts those excuses right out the door. The physical aspects of the book being hard cover and small make it easy to store in the kitchen, while the content of the book, well-organized and divided into sections throughout 12 chapters and multiple resources in the back, make this book a wonderful addition to your kitchen bookshelf.

Another aspect of the text that I enjoyed was the option for blending instead of juicing. The authors describe the difference and reference their options for the best blending tools and ingredients. One big discovery for me is the chia seed. I had heard they were good for you but I had no idea how good. The information provided about many ingredients is included.

I really enjoy the learning process of what ingredients really do for one’s body as well as the expert advice about different juicing machines, so a person can make an informed decision. The book has definitions and descriptions throughout which put amateurs such as me at ease with the process of making healthy changes. The text is packed full of recipes making a variety of flavors and juice types from milky drinks to flavored waters and the one many of us have trouble stomaching, or should I say tasting, the green drinks. Really it is all a matter of getting over the look and the misconceived ideas of what green juices will taste like. Through some of these recipes, I have overcome my own obstacles in this area. I really enjoy juicing and making smoothies and these recipes make it easier and easier to follow through with a healthy and tasty habit.


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