Curriculum Review: The New Astronomy Book

New Astronomy

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” Genesis 1:1. The New Astronomy Book By Danny R Faulkner starts off right! With such controversy between creationist and evolution, the battle just doesn’t seem to end; therefore students need to be knowledgeable of both points of view.  The author divided this book into three colors and coded into levels of text and lessons and can be used for younger readers to upper level understanding. The pronounced characteristic is your child can expand and grow with the topic at hand without changing their text-book. Through open-ended questions and critical thinking “Wonder Why?” sections,  a child can investigate astronomy in a mature way. The colors in this book are vibrant and the illustrations are worth taking a long looks at them. There are 15 chapters along with an introduction to astronomy section and a conclusion and glossary to support the child’s studies. With plenty of food for thought and a pull out poster in the back this astronomy book is a great addition to your study library.

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