Book Review: Why Dogs Are…



Written by Tana Thompson

Illustrated by Marita Gentry


This book was a pleasant read as I allowed several of my students to read through it after I did. They enjoyed the sweet premise of the story as much as I did. This tender story was about a boy who was born hearing and vision impaired. First, it gives a summary of the pleasant carefree life of a dog in heaven. One page explains God calling the animals forth as it says, “The dogs took a shortcut and had to jump over some very big clouds, but they arrived just in time and skidded into place.” The author lets her imagination go as the illustrator includes pictures of animals I had never considered as present in heaven, like speckled hens! There is a clear connection made between animals as helpers of those who are in need of companionship. The most pleasant part is the statement in the back “100% of the Net Profits from the sale for this book are given to charities and organization that support animals and their interactions with individuals, organizations and situations.” You can visit their website for more information


Disclaimer:   I received this book for free from Book Crash. No other compensation was received and a favorable review is not guaranteed.

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