Book Review: BUGS: Big and Small God Made Them All



Full of lively illustrations and graphics, BUGS is a treat for all! This text integrates science and social studies through explaining insects from around the world. There are pictures of bugs in color from the Jungle Nymph in Malaysia all the way around the world back to the Giant weta in New Zealand. Will Zinke presents creepy crawlers, giant bugs, weird and wonderful bugs, camouflaged bugs, bizarre and beautiful bugs, and a much-needed section on words to know explaining scientific terms to understand the content. Another added feature that brings uniqueness to this text is the last few perforated pages to be pulled apart for a color copy of insect information cards. These have a color picture on the front and scientific information on the back. The text presents the answer to my son’s biggest question about the most annoying bugs: “Why did God create these bugs? They seem like such a bother to people.” Zinke uses scripture to answer this question and present God’s creation to help young minds understand the complexities of it. The revelations that come forth from researching God’s creation in detail bring wonder and excitement. Taking a close look at the pictures of insects conveys the miracles behind God’s creativity.

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