The title of this book thrilled me. I wanted to be able to capture my family in pictures but I just don’t have that naturally creative eye to look out for objects or views that make the picture come out just right without Photoshop. The first two chapters have the titles Setting Yourself Up for Success and Developing a Photographer’s Eye, respectfully, and have great starting pointers for the amateur photographer.

The wonderful thing about this book is that the reader can flip through and see what the author is talking about in her writing by just looking at the pictures. My favorite part was “8 ways to discover color, line, shape, and texture” on page 20. Developing a photographer’s eye helped me so much. Just the fact that I acquired the ability to see other photographs or scenes with the “eye” the author is talking about, excited me.

Another point of interest for me was capturing moments in our families life that I had never thought about capturing. Normal outings, everyday life, such as Saturday mornings, and photographing pets, were not on my top photo moment list. I was in the habit of taking out the camera during holidays or birthdays and if the dog just happened to be there, then he was in the picture.

Point being, if you are a photographer, you probably take these ideas as a given but some without experience, trying to capture a few pleasant moments, can use this type of information and training. I appreciated the simplicity of the book. I will definitely use these tips in the coming years of picking up my camera.

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