Top Five from Masterbooks!

Masterbooks has put out some great book this year and I have been a VERY happy camper as part of the Moms for Masterbooks blogging team. I received the privilege of reviewing these books and have a copy of some amazing creations. Hence the reason for this particular blog, I am putting together my favorite five for the year!!!


This was a very difficult choice as I have enjoyed several of the books as much as my children have loved them. I put together my list based not only on my personal reaction to the books but my children’s as well. I categorized them by how much we all liked them to get the top five. SO, here we go…..


Number 5 is …. It’s Not Greek to Me DVD !


This was a fun curriculum for a beginner in Greek. We had a fun time Greek into our days and learning from the videos. This was more me than my children because this is really for more mature students.


Number 4 is …. Galapagos Islands !



I really enjoyed this book, also for a more mature student. As we flipped through the pages, the children thought the book had great pictures and took interest in the stories behind the studies. A great resource for those studying creationism.


Number 3 is …. The Flood of Noah !




This is a most interesting book about the story of Noah. We all enjoyed the historical accounts from around the world marking the similarities and differences in the legendary story of the arc.


Number 2 is …. BUGS !


This by far, had to be one of the most amazing books of the year! We all agreed that there is not denying a wonderful creator had to be behind these amazing creatures. We had so much fun oohing and awing at the bugs illustrated in this fabulous work. You will not be disappointed either.


And Number 1 on our favorites list is (can I get a drum roll please!) ………………………………….. 44 Animals of the Bible!


What can we say? LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! We really enjoyed this book. The book brought the animals to life for my children and they had a wonderful time looking at the pictures and reading about them. I had a great time showing them the biblical references and for animal lovers you just can’t beat it!

We hope you enjoy looking up these great works and enjoying them with your family as well!

For more information see Moms of Masterbooks.


 All these books were free from the Masterbooks program- Moms for Masterbooks blogging program. All opinions expressed are my own.







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