Book Review: Fast Freddy

By Lee Ann Mancini

Illustrated by Sharp

GLM Publishing printed this a cute tale about anti-bullying and overcoming. This story is full of sea creatures and is focused on a sea creature that happens to be half shark and half octopus. Both of these creatures alone are fierce but Freddy doesn’t realize his potential strength because he feels awkward and shy at being a combination of both. Throughout the story he discovers who he really is by moving past being bullied and coming to realize his talents. The sea creatures that tease him also learn a lesson about what is expected in social settings when dealing with others who are different. It is a story about overcoming, perseverance and determination. At the end all the sea creatures celebrate their friendship. The author and illustrator did a great job at the text and pictures. My children enjoyed it and read and reread the story. The pictures are vivid and cute. The last page reminds children to say their prayers ask Jesus into their hearts, which is ultimately the most important thing of all.

I received this book as part of a book review program from All opinions expressed are my own.

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