DVD Review: Awesome Science-Explore Dinosaur National Monument

With Noah Justice

The Awesome Science Series is a wonderful addition to science curriculum. We have seen Noah Justice grow up right in front of us and it is a wonderful example of how all children have potential to achieve their goals. This series is the ninth episode of See It For Yourself. The fact that Noah has expressed an interest in a difficult subject for some opens doors of discovery for those who find scientific topics difficult to understand or love. The series is fantastic to take in all at once or in small segments for discussion time. It is divided into chapters including touring the monument, the history, the two worldviews about the fossil finds and detailed information about the lives and deaths of the dinosaurs. The video is a 30 minute DVD and is suitable for children and teens as it encompasses an enormous amount of details. It not only discusses the 200,000 acres set aside as the Dinosaur National Monument but also the various rock layers in which the fossils have been discovered, the significance of fossil Unio clams shells, and the Native American petroglyphs. My children and students have enjoyed several of the Awesome Science videos and we are sure you will too.

Enjoy the following videos on the book review and their presentation at conference:

In this video Noah and his Dad speak of their work at the Christian Heritage Conference in 2014:

This video was sent to me for review as part of the Moms for Masterbooks book review program as part of New Leaf Publishing Group. All opinions expressed are my own.

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