Book Review: No Excuses Diet

The No More Excuses Diet is a practical plan to help anyone get out of a rut. I have been applying the 3 day excuse breaking strategies on several habits and so far I have cut dramatically down on my “I have to have it” coffee drinking and set out to do one physical activity every day. Maria King has a sweet type of tough-chic style that helps you reduce and eliminate the excuses you use to not move forward with physical fitness goals. King includes simple charts and organizers to get started. If you are like me, you will take those and make them your own by implementing them within your own organizer. Within the text are three cycles to the program: The S.P.E.E.D cycle, The S.T.R.I.V. E. cycle, and The S.C.O.R.E. cycle. Each of these cycles guides you through a different stage in the lifestyle change and can be repeated until you are satisfied with the changes. Practice makes perfect, right? I am still in The S.P.E.E.D cycle myself. She also incorporates sample goals including diet and exercise for those of us who think it is too hard to organize ourselves or put goals into our own words. The book is easy to read and also includes simple at home strategies and exercises. No gym, no videos. King incorporates easy “old school” elementary PE class type of movement that makes exercising for the unfit easy to begin. She even divides it into daily routines. Also included in the book are three meal plan options to make it a no-brainer on what to eat. Most of the items on the list I already include in my personal diet. This book can’t make you want to change but if you want to change it makes it much easier to do so!

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No excusesI received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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