Book Review: Moment by Moment: a devotional journal for girls


By: Jennifer Flanders

At first glance the cover of this book threw me off but kept me intrigued. I was unable to see the inside before ordering the hard-copy of the journal . My daughters love journals and usually they are trendy and modern. Considering I am a romantic at heart, I began to get a Pride and Prejudice feeling from the cover and decided to order it.


Upon receiving the book, my daughters and I began flipping through the pages. We loved it!  The cover is a flexible paper back in a pleasant color and it is immediately engaging. The journal  starts with a  sweet dedication to her daughters, an introduction describing the use of the book, and a poem by Daniel W. Whittle called Moment by Moment describing how the Lord is with us at all times.  The table of contents contains a list of journal sections which are open to use in random order. It includes sections titled: Childhood Memories, Wonderfully Made,  Personal Favorites, Thoughts to Ponder, The World around Me, Prayers & Graces, Family  & Friends,  Pastimes & Hobbies, A Heart for Service, Love Overflowing, and a Birthday Record.20150617_14133720150617_14151620150617_141424

The beauty of this book is that it is a great option for all ages considering it has writing prompts throughout the entire book.  It is full of scriptures from various sources and cute classical pencil illustrations on every page.  Most journals leave it to the writer to decide what to write and although that is the case here, it is more focused on drawing out different memories and opinions by suggesting ideas and questioning a person’s past so that they are able to put into written form the memories which can be passed on to others.

I have filled out journals like this one to pass on from a mother to a daughter but I am excited about giving this to my daughter in hopes one day she will share it with me and later with her own daughter. What a keepsake!

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from Book Crash. No other compensation was received and a favorable review is not guaranteed.

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