Book Review: I’m Happy for You (sort of… not really) Finding Contentment in a Culture of Comparison

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Kay Wills Wyma also author of Cleaning House has pinpointed a topic that many need to recognize as a predecessor to discontent and even depression. In this material world, we are bombarded with marketing schemes from all areas constantly trying to convince us that we are not happy with all we have because obviously we need more to be happy. If a person is strong enough to withstand the marketing ploys it is a wonderful thing but there is another checkpoint that must be assessed. With today’s access to multimedia and social media it is very easy to constantly feed ourselves with opportunities to be discontent with our lives. Wyma uses Face book as an example for OCD (Obsessive Comparison Disorder) to breed and grow into a monstrosity of discontent that makes us lose ground in our focus in walking a Godly life lacking covetousness. The content includes several chapters, 12 to be exact, describing OCD, how to regain focus, the beauty within, inequalities of life, and removing our obsession with others. It also encompasses questions to lead a discussion group. Although I felt as if she was a bit long-winded with her stories, I still believe if you have ever battled with comparing yourself with others in any way, this book can shed light on your circumstance in order to give you direction.

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