Curriculum Review: Biblical Beginnings for Preschoolers

Proverbs 22:6  (KJV)

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”


      The Biblical Beginnings for Preschoolers book bundle is popular among home-schoolers. Having a preschooler, I have been very interested in initiating stronger Bible lessons along with the basic schooling and this set seems to have a good amount of educational foundation integrated into their Bible page lessons. This collection contains:

A is for Adam By Ken and Mally Ham

A is for Adam DVD

D is for Dinosaur By Ken and Mally Ham

D is for Dinosaur DVD

N is for Noah By Ken and Mally Ham

Noah’s Ark Pre-School By Earl and Bonita Snellenberger

God Made the World & Me By Joey Allen

Dinosaurs Stars of the Show By Amie Zordel

Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers:

           The Gospel

           The Mission

           The Scripture

           The Trinity

Creation Story for Children By Helen & David Haidle

When Dragons Hearts Were Good By Buddy Davis

Dinosaur by Design By Duane T. Gish, Ph.D.

Biblical Beginnings Pre-school (PLP)


         Each component of this bundle is integrated throughout the Parent Lesson Planner or PLP for parents to organize their day around Bible integrated pages of alphabet, dinosaurs, colors, numbers, shapes, opposites, animals, insects, birds, plants and trees. “Activity-based learning includes coloring, visual and verbal interaction with the alphabet, colorful illustrations, rhyming text, stickers, following simple instructions, and two DVD-based presentations to spark interest!” (Masterbooks, 2015).

         These lessons are prepared for children 3-5 years of age and include color/writing pages, books, and teacher directed flip board pages which can be easily implemented as the child views the lesson’s picture from one side and the parent/teacher instructions on the flip side. This makes implementing the lessons a more pleasant experience as there are not separate books for these specific lessons and all the objectives and verbatim text is set out for parents/teachers to lead conversations with planned questions easily accessible. The sessions are very organized and include cute and interesting supplemental projects that can be created with simple materials which are mostly found around the home or classroom.


            I personally enjoy the fact that this pack comes well integrated. Having ABCs and 123s on Bible themed pages is a wonderful way to keep the scripture in front of a child’s eyes as they are introduced to their first lessons. Some of the pages are cute and simple pictures for the younger student and some are more detailed and complex for the older student, like the one below.


           My least favorite (although my 3 year old was ok with it) were the DVDs. The quality compared to what can be done with media today left something to be desired. Another special note…There is also a great emphasis on dinosaurs throughout the curriculum. The series builds a strong foundation for creationism with the Biblical connections for each of their history lessons and sets out to integrate their research on dinosaurs from the beginning of time. This book bundle is a great all inclusive curriculum for Pre-K3 to K students and has a diverse group of authors instilling information as the children and adults learn together.  It is easy to use and has plenty of activities for your little one to get a great start in schooling!

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