Curriculum Review: Worldviews in Conflict A Study in Western Philosophy, Literature, & Culture

By Kevin Swanson

Worldviews in Conflict Set

Generations with Vision

10461 South Parker Road

Parker, CO 80134

(Disclaimer by publisher – “Because a study of history contains both documented facts pertaining to dates, conversations, and events in the past, as well as opposing and controversial interpretations of the significance of those events, people, and ideas, some educational content can be subjective in nature or reflective of an author’s own worldview.”)

This course introduces the high school student to a number of the major thinkers, writers, and ideologies that have formed our modern world. The author does caution the teacher, student and reader that most of the men presented were not Bible-believing Christians and therefore presupposes that all ideas are not equal in truthfulness or merit, and some being, “downright dangerous and destructive.

If most are dangerous and destructive, why then should the Christian high school student study these authors? This course will equip the young person called to leadership in academia, media, politics, or the church by familiarizing them with ideologies contrary to the Word of God and Biblical world and life views and preparing them to “understand the lay of the land on the battlefield in the war of worldviews.”

The author states, “Instead of providing a rich education in the Scripture and Christian authors, students are subjected to a confused mixture of writings from pagan and Christian and expected to sort it all out.” Even students with Christian high school and college upbringings are leaving the faith in droves because of the undue, uncritical support for the “classics.” Exposure to Greek philosophy, transcendentalism, and humanism without the familiarity of all the Biblical verses IGod’s truth) used in the text to counter the false ideas conveyed in the material will inevitably prove detrimental in preserving distinctively Biblical worldviews.

It is this reviewer’s opinion that this course is not for every student but rather only those mature enough to rightly divide truth from error, good and evil. A strong sense of conviction and a fair amount of apologetic fortitude would serve the student of this course well. This course will strengthen both critical and higher level thinking skills in students. The text contains advanced vocabulary which may require personal research for definitions or appropriate commentary from the teacher to explain the information presented.

Each chapter includes both biographical and philosophical information of the authors presented, as well as references to current, mainstream media and culture which the author’s ideologies have influenced. There is then sufficient information presented creating an opportunity for dialogue in presenting Biblical counter positions and truth. The chapters conclude with a section, “Engaging the Weapon of Prayer,” – powerfully scripted prayers to secure a lasting influence in the hearts and minds of the student of the living God who is sovereign over all.

There is a concise “How to Use the Curriculum” section in the textbook, as well as a thorough Teacher Guide, complete with a weekly lesson plan schedule, worksheets, and exams, and answer keys.   Lessons are deemed to take approximately 30-45 minutes, three days a week and the teacher’s guide includes a variety of activities and learning, worksheets for vocabulary recognition and basic understanding, and tests for major concepts and information retention.

As a Christian educator and a mother of a high school student, this course is particularly of interest to me in preparing both my students and son to be able to righteously stand in and influence a fallen world.

Review by Denise Jaramillo

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