DVD Review: Theo V3: God’s Heart


What an honor to be invited by FishFlix to review a Christian Children’s DVD. I was so excited when FishFlix sent Theo: Teaching Children God’s Word which includes God’s Heart: Lesson 7- Justification, Lesson 8- Adoption, and Lesson 9- A Day in Prayer. I invited all of my children (ages 4, 10, 14, and 16) down to watch the DVD for the first time because my desire was to hear their reactions. I was surprised that my fourteen-year-old son stayed to watch the entire three lessons. My three daughters and my son truly enjoyed the animation and my youngest was laughing throughout the three lessons. She also covered her eyes when Jesus was on the cross and when I asked her what she was doing she said, “This is so sad, Jesus is dying!” This created an opportunity to discuss what he has done for us and plant that seed of awareness.

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The animated characters were cute and spoke with accents. There are two mice with  “Laurel and Hardy” type of personas and a child-like character, which are adorable and likeable. Theo, the main character and narrator, has a pleasant grandfather type feeling to him and speaks eloquently. The vocabulary words used within the lessons as well at the theme to the lessons are well worth discussing with family after viewing the lessons. The DVD comes with lesson guidance in booklet form inside the cover of the DVD to help parents or guardians.



Aside from my children enjoying Theo Children’s DVDs, I was very pleased with them as well. The lessons were sound and expressed God’s love, grace, and relationship with us. I would share these within my classroom as much as I would at home. As an avid viewer of Christian material for my home and class I also enjoyed scrolling through FishFlix.com. They have a large variety  of material and reasonable prices. I look forward to review more DVDs from FishFlix.




This DVD was sent to me by FishFlix in return for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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