Book Review: Child Training Boot Camp

Bible Study for Busy Mamas – Child Training Boot Camp: A Thirty Day Bible Study


By Pam Forster

Understanding yourself and then your child is significant to creating an environment conducive to obedience. How many times has a parent been scolding their children only to imagine the scolding finger is really pointing right at them? I know this has happened to me before. But what can one do? Should they give up just because of your both wrong when conviction sets in? No! Connecting both parent and child with God’s truth is the answer. As a parent leading a strong-willed child, it is important to pray and take scriptures that apply to obedience and apply them to family life. It has been said that to be a good leader you must be a good follower, and in this case, Pam Forster has expressed it in a 30-day bible study, not for children but for parents! After she guides parents through her concepts on obedience she guides the parents in explaining God’s view on obedience to children on their level and through creative means.

Forster’s 30-day devotional is worth a couple of reads in order to not forget what is being taught as well as to receive God’s guidance and discernment every time focused prayer and scripture reading is exercised. She does encourage extensive study and personal notes through several topic searches. It is a blessing, through all the daily strife, that she can help a parent refocus through Bible study that guides parent/child relationships away from disobedience, bickering, unkind speech, and whining.

This book was free through a book review program in return for an honest opinion. All opinions expressed are my own and a positive review is not required.

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