Book Review: The Two of Us



The Two of Us by Victoria Bylin is a charming Christian fiction novel about love, sacrifice, and self-discovery. We follow Mia, a woman soon to be thirty, who has suffered through many losses in her life. After two broken engagements, Mia decides to forget about dating completely in order to focus on God and the abilities He’s gifted her with to be a nurse practitioner. Her ultimate goal would be to serve God by joining an organization that helps those in far-off countries who are in need of medical help. Mia doesn’t like surprises, which is why she’s caught off guard when she is suddenly invited to attend her eighteen-year-old sister, Lucy’s, wedding in Las Vegas to a man Mia has yet to meet. Jake is slowly recovering from his recent injuries as a police officer, but the emotional wounds of losing his partner would take much more time to heal. After the terrible tragedy shakes him to his core he finds comfort in watching out for his partner’s young adult son, Sam, who’s recently asked Jake to be the best man at his wedding. Little does he know that the pretty woman he met at the diner would also be present for the wedding as the bride’s sister? With Jake and Mia’s lives slowly becoming entwined, they discover things not only about each other, but also about themselves, leading to healing and the hope of a new beginning of romance. I found this book utterly entertaining and charming. I have yet to find a more modern-day story with Christian values and lovable  characters sprinkled throughout each page. It was a diverting experience to be so engaged with each character and their desires and fears. It is such a rarity to have this great a story with current problems and lovable characters to be based around Christian values from beginning to end. I highly recommend this rare gem to anyone with fiction-fever.




This book was given to me by Bethany Publishing in return for an honest book review. All opinions expressed in this review are my personal opinions and a positive book review was not required.