Book Review: Worth Living

Worth loving

Worth Living: How God’s Wild Love for You Makes You Worthy by Mary DeMuth 

          I would argue that there is a larger percentage of women who feel worthless than worthy of love.  The ability to speak honestly and transparently about it creates a safe haven where walls can come down. Half of the battle is allowing oneself to be vulnerable enough to heal.  Worth Living: How God’s Wild Love for You Makes You Worthy does just that! Mary creates an atmosphere in her reading where one can be honest with oneself. The reading is deep and meaningful as one begins to relate and revisit past and present issues. Without doing this there is no overcoming. There has to be a release of emotion for complete healing and restoration and the question platform Demuth creates at the end of each chapter makes it a bit easier to do just that, realize, release and restore from past experiences.

      Worth Living touches on many aspects of overcoming worthlessness including the realizations of being loved, appreciated, strong, secure, beautiful, chosen, destined and redeemed. Chapter after chapter she reminds us of God’s unfailing word and selflessly expresses her hurtful past experiences in order to open the door to guide us through our own. I commend her for that. It is not easy putting yourself out there. I highly recommend this book to anyone needing redemption or witnessing to others about it.

        I received a copy of this book in pdf form from Mary DeMuth as part of a blogging review program. Every opinion expressed is my own.

Book Review: The Mineral Book

My family and I are always interested in rocks and rock forms. We actually love looking at and collect rocks. We examine them everywhere we go. We pick them up and are VERY excited if we find some in bright colors. Needless to say, we were excited about The Mineral Book by David McQueen. He did a wonderful job on this book.

My favorite characteristic in this book is the level division of the information. A parent or teacher can turn to any page and level the discussion or activity based on these leveled sections within the book’s pages. Each chapter begins with a mineral focus at level –two understanding. The pictures are vibrant and would be a perfect match if paired with real samples. The text includes the mineral focus, chemical formula, Crystal system, hardness, luster, and streak for each mineral, which could lead to so much fun investigation. Definitions, bible integration, and fun facts also fill the pages.


Integrating health, science, geography, art and math were easy with the facts included in this book. I have yet to be disappointed by a Wonders of Creation production. You can also find The Ecology book, The Archaeology Book, The New Astronomy Book, The Cave Book, The Geology Book, The Fossil Book, The Ocean Book, and The Weather Book.

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Book Review: God’s Wondorous Machine: The Electrifying Nervous System

By Lainna Callentine, M.Ed., M.D.

This text is simply marvelous. I absolutely love the wonderful detail in all the pages. I was able to review this book at a time in which I was simultaneously studying Dr. Caroline Leaf’s discoveries on the brain. Dr. Lainna Callentine pinpoints the same detailed information at a child’s level as this book is geared toward 3rd through 6th graders. With information about the central nervous system, your child or student will be able to capture the importance of how the body works.

This book is a great asset for homeschooling moms and teachers in the traditional classroom. The Electrifying Nervous System is full of scripture connecting science with the Word of God. I can’t say enough about Master Books illustrations and photography as this book does not leave anything to be desired with the visual content. From vocabulary and history to wacky and weird facts, this book is bound to entertain and educate all interested readers!


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Disclaimer:   I received this book for free from New Leaf Publishing Group as part of the Moms of Master Books program.  No other compensation was received.  The fact that I received complimentary products does not guarantee a favorable review.


The title of this book thrilled me. I wanted to be able to capture my family in pictures but I just don’t have that naturally creative eye to look out for objects or views that make the picture come out just right without Photoshop. The first two chapters have the titles Setting Yourself Up for Success and Developing a Photographer’s Eye, respectfully, and have great starting pointers for the amateur photographer.

The wonderful thing about this book is that the reader can flip through and see what the author is talking about in her writing by just looking at the pictures. My favorite part was “8 ways to discover color, line, shape, and texture” on page 20. Developing a photographer’s eye helped me so much. Just the fact that I acquired the ability to see other photographs or scenes with the “eye” the author is talking about, excited me.

Another point of interest for me was capturing moments in our families life that I had never thought about capturing. Normal outings, everyday life, such as Saturday mornings, and photographing pets, were not on my top photo moment list. I was in the habit of taking out the camera during holidays or birthdays and if the dog just happened to be there, then he was in the picture.

Point being, if you are a photographer, you probably take these ideas as a given but some without experience, trying to capture a few pleasant moments, can use this type of information and training. I appreciated the simplicity of the book. I will definitely use these tips in the coming years of picking up my camera.

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Book Reviewed by LG

Top Five from Masterbooks!

Masterbooks has put out some great book this year and I have been a VERY happy camper as part of the Moms for Masterbooks blogging team. I received the privilege of reviewing these books and have a copy of some amazing creations. Hence the reason for this particular blog, I am putting together my favorite five for the year!!!


This was a very difficult choice as I have enjoyed several of the books as much as my children have loved them. I put together my list based not only on my personal reaction to the books but my children’s as well. I categorized them by how much we all liked them to get the top five. SO, here we go…..


Number 5 is …. It’s Not Greek to Me DVD !


This was a fun curriculum for a beginner in Greek. We had a fun time Greek into our days and learning from the videos. This was more me than my children because this is really for more mature students.


Number 4 is …. Galapagos Islands !



I really enjoyed this book, also for a more mature student. As we flipped through the pages, the children thought the book had great pictures and took interest in the stories behind the studies. A great resource for those studying creationism.


Number 3 is …. The Flood of Noah !




This is a most interesting book about the story of Noah. We all enjoyed the historical accounts from around the world marking the similarities and differences in the legendary story of the arc.


Number 2 is …. BUGS !


This by far, had to be one of the most amazing books of the year! We all agreed that there is not denying a wonderful creator had to be behind these amazing creatures. We had so much fun oohing and awing at the bugs illustrated in this fabulous work. You will not be disappointed either.


And Number 1 on our favorites list is (can I get a drum roll please!) ………………………………….. 44 Animals of the Bible!


What can we say? LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! We really enjoyed this book. The book brought the animals to life for my children and they had a wonderful time looking at the pictures and reading about them. I had a great time showing them the biblical references and for animal lovers you just can’t beat it!

We hope you enjoy looking up these great works and enjoying them with your family as well!

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Book Review: 44 Animals of the Bible


Written By Nancy Pelander Johnson

Illustrated by Lloyd R. Hight

Nancy Pelander Johnson did a wonderful job in including the animals she did in 44 Animals of the Bible. From common to uniquely named creatures, the animals she included were all illustrated beautifully by Lloyd R. Hight and interesting to my children. The biblical references were also a wonderful addition as the King James Version (KJV) is always a great starting point in comparing scriptures as differing versions change vocabulary a bit. We like the KJV but always compare other versions in order for the children to understand and compare in terms that are more modern.

Each animal description received full-page descriptions with details for each animal highlighted as well as the scripture reference for the child to read or turn to on their own. Together, a parent and child can take the animal explanations to another level by integrating current information on each animal and creating science and social studies lessons from each. Researching the globe to find the existing locations of our animals was a highlight of our looking through the pages and researching where they are currently found. This book has many issues to be discussed and investigated in reference to animals and their bible correlations and will not be a disappointment to a children’s book lover.

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Disclaimer:   I received this book for free from New Leaf Publishing Group as part of the Moms of Master Books program.  No other compensation was received.  The fact that I received complimentary products does not guarantee a favorable review.


Book Review: BUGS: Big and Small God Made Them All



Full of lively illustrations and graphics, BUGS is a treat for all! This text integrates science and social studies through explaining insects from around the world. There are pictures of bugs in color from the Jungle Nymph in Malaysia all the way around the world back to the Giant weta in New Zealand. Will Zinke presents creepy crawlers, giant bugs, weird and wonderful bugs, camouflaged bugs, bizarre and beautiful bugs, and a much-needed section on words to know explaining scientific terms to understand the content. Another added feature that brings uniqueness to this text is the last few perforated pages to be pulled apart for a color copy of insect information cards. These have a color picture on the front and scientific information on the back. The text presents the answer to my son’s biggest question about the most annoying bugs: “Why did God create these bugs? They seem like such a bother to people.” Zinke uses scripture to answer this question and present God’s creation to help young minds understand the complexities of it. The revelations that come forth from researching God’s creation in detail bring wonder and excitement. Taking a close look at the pictures of insects conveys the miracles behind God’s creativity.

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Book review by LG