Book Review: Worth Living

Worth Living: How God’s Wild Love for You Makes You Worthy by Mary DeMuth            I would argue that there is a larger percentage of women who feel worthless than worthy of love.  The ability to speak honestly and transparently about it creates a safe haven where walls can come down. Half of the battleContinue reading “Book Review: Worth Living”

Book Review: God’s Wondorous Machine: The Electrifying Nervous System

By Lainna Callentine, M.Ed., M.D. This text is simply marvelous. I absolutely love the wonderful detail in all the pages. I was able to review this book at a time in which I was simultaneously studying Dr. Caroline Leaf’s discoveries on the brain. Dr. Lainna Callentine pinpoints the same detailed information at a child’s levelContinue reading “Book Review: God’s Wondorous Machine: The Electrifying Nervous System”

Top Five from Masterbooks!

Masterbooks has put out some great book this year and I have been a VERY happy camper as part of the Moms for Masterbooks blogging team. I received the privilege of reviewing these books and have a copy of some amazing creations. Hence the reason for this particular blog, I am putting together my favoriteContinue reading “Top Five from Masterbooks!”

Book Review: 44 Animals of the Bible

Written By Nancy Pelander Johnson Illustrated by Lloyd R. Hight Nancy Pelander Johnson did a wonderful job in including the animals she did in 44 Animals of the Bible. From common to uniquely named creatures, the animals she included were all illustrated beautifully by Lloyd R. Hight and interesting to my children. The biblical referencesContinue reading “Book Review: 44 Animals of the Bible”

Book Review: BUGS: Big and Small God Made Them All

  Full of lively illustrations and graphics, BUGS is a treat for all! This text integrates science and social studies through explaining insects from around the world. There are pictures of bugs in color from the Jungle Nymph in Malaysia all the way around the world back to the Giant weta in New Zealand. WillContinue reading “Book Review: BUGS: Big and Small God Made Them All”

Book Review: The Blender Girl

  The Blender Girl: 100 gluten-free, vegan recipes by Tess Masters Jam- packed with recipes, this book was difficult to put down. I read through so many scrumptious ideas that even I, an amateur blender user was inspired. Tess shares recipes for smoothies, soups, milks, desserts, drinks, juices and tonics, and condiments, sauces & creams.Continue reading “Book Review: The Blender Girl”

Curriculum Review: The New Astronomy Book

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” Genesis 1:1. The New Astronomy Book By Danny R Faulkner starts off right! With such controversy between creationist and evolution, the battle just doesn’t seem to end; therefore students need to be knowledgeable of both points of view.  The author divided this book into threeContinue reading “Curriculum Review: The New Astronomy Book”