Book Review: The Blender Girl



The Blender Girl: 100 gluten-free, vegan recipes

by Tess Masters

Jam- packed with recipes, this book was difficult to put down. I read through so many scrumptious ideas that even I, an amateur blender user was inspired. Tess shares recipes for smoothies, soups, milks, desserts, drinks, juices and tonics, and condiments, sauces & creams. She provides a great introduction to blenders and ingredients that enrich one’s diet and health. I was educated on alkaline, raw, and soy and sugar-free foods. She instigates proper care of a blender by sharing helpful tips on how to layer ingredients into the blender for optimal results. The ingredients seem extensive but I did like the reasoning behind them. I have a Sprouts food store close by so I do not mind getting the natural ingredients as well as the nuts she seems to put in many recipes. I was impressed that there was a healthy version of pizza, chili, mushroom stroganoff, and TACOS! For the dessert lovers she has delicious recipes like “chocolate-chile banana spilly”, “dark chocolate pudding”, and “Sugar-free no-pumpkin pie”. The only matters of apprehension are that Tess seems to use raw nuts in several of her recipes which are concerns for many. She also has extensive recipes; I don’t think I saw many with less than seven items, most have more. This does not scare me though, I look forward to trying as many as possible.

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Book Review: Why Dogs Are…



Written by Tana Thompson

Illustrated by Marita Gentry


This book was a pleasant read as I allowed several of my students to read through it after I did. They enjoyed the sweet premise of the story as much as I did. This tender story was about a boy who was born hearing and vision impaired. First, it gives a summary of the pleasant carefree life of a dog in heaven. One page explains God calling the animals forth as it says, “The dogs took a shortcut and had to jump over some very big clouds, but they arrived just in time and skidded into place.” The author lets her imagination go as the illustrator includes pictures of animals I had never considered as present in heaven, like speckled hens! There is a clear connection made between animals as helpers of those who are in need of companionship. The most pleasant part is the statement in the back “100% of the Net Profits from the sale for this book are given to charities and organization that support animals and their interactions with individuals, organizations and situations.” You can visit their website for more information


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Book reviewed by LG

Curriculum Review: The New Astronomy Book

New Astronomy

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” Genesis 1:1. The New Astronomy Book By Danny R Faulkner starts off right! With such controversy between creationist and evolution, the battle just doesn’t seem to end; therefore students need to be knowledgeable of both points of view.  The author divided this book into three colors and coded into levels of text and lessons and can be used for younger readers to upper level understanding. The pronounced characteristic is your child can expand and grow with the topic at hand without changing their text-book. Through open-ended questions and critical thinking “Wonder Why?” sections,  a child can investigate astronomy in a mature way. The colors in this book are vibrant and the illustrations are worth taking a long looks at them. There are 15 chapters along with an introduction to astronomy section and a conclusion and glossary to support the child’s studies. With plenty of food for thought and a pull out poster in the back this astronomy book is a great addition to your study library.

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Book reviewed by LG

Book Review: JUICE



Juice: Recipes for Juicing, Cleansing, and Living Well

Carly de Castro, Hedi Gores & Hayden Slater, Founders of Pressed Juicery

Photos by Anaïs & Dax

As an amateur juicer, I have juiced off and on. Different times in my life I have been more motivated than others, for the most part life gets so busy that it is pretty much out of sight out of mind or a serious lack of planning. Juice: Recipes for Juicing, Cleansing, and Living Well puts those excuses right out the door. The physical aspects of the book being hard cover and small make it easy to store in the kitchen, while the content of the book, well-organized and divided into sections throughout 12 chapters and multiple resources in the back, make this book a wonderful addition to your kitchen bookshelf.

Another aspect of the text that I enjoyed was the option for blending instead of juicing. The authors describe the difference and reference their options for the best blending tools and ingredients. One big discovery for me is the chia seed. I had heard they were good for you but I had no idea how good. The information provided about many ingredients is included.

I really enjoy the learning process of what ingredients really do for one’s body as well as the expert advice about different juicing machines, so a person can make an informed decision. The book has definitions and descriptions throughout which put amateurs such as me at ease with the process of making healthy changes. The text is packed full of recipes making a variety of flavors and juice types from milky drinks to flavored waters and the one many of us have trouble stomaching, or should I say tasting, the green drinks. Really it is all a matter of getting over the look and the misconceived ideas of what green juices will taste like. Through some of these recipes, I have overcome my own obstacles in this area. I really enjoy juicing and making smoothies and these recipes make it easier and easier to follow through with a healthy and tasty habit.


Book reviewed by LG.

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Book Review: The Princess Within

The Princess Within for Teens: Discovering Your Royal Inheritance


I liked reading The Princess Within by Serita Ann Jakes, the wife of Bishop T.D. Jakes of The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas. Serita Jakes is a speaker and writer and has 5 grown children herself. These 17 chapters help teens through life problems by using Bible passages, prayers and journaling. Encompassed in the 203 pages there is talk about peer pressure, boys and parents. There is nothing I didn’t’ like about it, from the cute cover to the headline, “It’s time to get ready for the ball,” on the back. She relates well to teens through her past letters to her “secret keeper” (God) and the great advice she gives. She also includes her short stories about Ella, a modern-day Cinderella, she writes about. She includes pleasant varieties in her writing; for example, if you are not a reader but you get inspired through music, there are songs listed that correspond with the lesson. Or if you would rather be taking a personality quiz instead of reading chapter after chapter, she includes plenty of quizzes too. There is also a section including words from young girls that expresses personal experiences and encouraging stories from girls who have had experiences based on the topic described in the book. All together it makes great read with faith, encouragement, and relatable problems that makes every girl realize their true worth through God’s eyes-A princess of the one true king.


Book Review by AG


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Book Review: How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare

By Ken Ludwig


This was a tough review in the sense that I was expecting something a little different. I was pleasantly surprised as I received more than I thought in information about Shakespeare’s plays, which is good considering I am not an expert by any means. I am just starting to teach Shakespeare’s works and did not realize the depth of the content involved. I consider myself to be a math and science type. I have to say, I am enjoying the process of investigating Shakespeare more now than I ever did in high school. Ken Ludwig, gives a short chapter on the “how” of the teaching which can be summarized in one phrase, “memorize by repeating out loud.” On the other hand, he informed me of so much more than I had imagined about the stories, characters, imagery, history about the author and more. The book included pictures from scenes of the play on stage and in movies. He uses the most popular parts of many of Shakespeare’s plays that teachers can use in order to review the play before teaching it. The knowledge incurred is way more than I would have ever set out to understand myself and I appreciated all of his input, remember, my specialty is math! Reading this book has to be helpful to anyone who has never taken on these plays in a serious and focused manner.

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Book Review: Bible Study for Busy Mamas



Bible Study for Busy Mamas: Thirty days in 1 Corinthians 13

Pam Foster

This devotional is very similar to Pam Foster’s last book I reviewed Bible Study for Busy Mamas: Thirty Days in Colossians 3, so if you enjoyed that one you will love this one too! Foster uses her gift in creating bible studies to divide 1 Corinthians 13 in to 30 days of deep thought but none invasive study, after all it is for busy mamas. When I say noninvasive by no means do I mean it will not penetrate you heart and mind but rather in a concise way, is noninvasive to your time. For those that are trying to get in all the time they can with family and the Word of God this combines the two so well, it turns that time into a precious moment. She starts with feeding the mama the oxygen they need to breath and move on to do what they have to do with family but in the same token has put together the ability to guide our little ones to receive the same Word and do so without much preparation and planning since she has already prearranged it all out for us. The reading is short and is followed by an assignment. She list options for ease of use. There is a section on each day for your children with a list of items needed for the activities planned. This was a relief as I do not need one more thing to plan. Refreshing and fun, this devotional will not disappoint.

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