Be a Great Failure!

Good Monday : Keep Digging Consistently by George Galindo | on July 1, 2013   In the famous, inspirational, movie The Miracle, we here the main character played by Kurt Russell say this powerful word : “Again!” Miracle tells the true story of Herb Brooks, the player-turned-coach who led the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey teamContinue reading “Be a Great Failure!”

Cashflow 101 in the House!

Learn to Get Out of the Rat Race … “In 1994, after becoming financially free, I was searching for a way to teach others what my rich dad had taught me. You can only learn so much by reading and it dawned on me that rich dad taught me through repetition. That is why IContinue reading “Cashflow 101 in the House!”

3 Brilliant Tips For Finding Hidden Money

I just love Dani’s advice! This is another tip I teach my students through the entrepreneurship class I offer here at SEC and realized this is also good “parent food!” Enjoy! When you have success using these tips tell us about it! Posted on February 18, 2013 by Dani Johnson   Happy Monday to you! IContinue reading “3 Brilliant Tips For Finding Hidden Money”