Book Review: The Blender Girl

  The Blender Girl: 100 gluten-free, vegan recipes by Tess Masters Jam- packed with recipes, this book was difficult to put down. I read through so many scrumptious ideas that even I, an amateur blender user was inspired. Tess shares recipes for smoothies, soups, milks, desserts, drinks, juices and tonics, and condiments, sauces & creams.Continue reading “Book Review: The Blender Girl”

Book Review: I Quit Sugar

I Quit Sugar: Your Complete 8-week Detox Program and Cookbook Author: Sarah Wilson Sarah Wilson created a very welcoming text as she opens with a “A Little Dedication” stating “You’re not alone, We’re all in this Together.” Wilson shares her story and encourages others to make positive changes for their own sake. The foreword byContinue reading “Book Review: I Quit Sugar”

To All My Nervous Homeschool Mommies…

To all my nervous mommies getting ready to homeschool… YOU CAN DO IT!!! There is an amazing amount of information on the internet. Resources are bountiful and I wanted to share a few with you today. Read through the links below and don’t be nervous, all ideas are workable and changeable. Go with the flowContinue reading “To All My Nervous Homeschool Mommies…”

Curriculum Review: The Hands-On Equations Program

By Dr. Henry Borenson Ed.D Can you solve: 4x-2x+3=2x+2x-x? Your child will with a smile on their face! I recently received The Hands-On Equations Program by Dr. Henry Borenson . for review which truly is a break through in the process of learning algebra. The DVD has a copyright date from 2005 so I guess IContinue reading “Curriculum Review: The Hands-On Equations Program”

Book Review: Prized!

Prized!  Your Journey as His Daughter by Noelle Toscano I picked up Prized!  Your Journey as His Daughter for my thirteen year old daughter but it seemed to have started off in a somewhat gloomy way to me. Maybe the author is assuming that all teenage girls feel inadequate. Surely most do, but, after readingContinue reading “Book Review: Prized!”

A Different Set of Seven Habits

I thought this was a creative way of making the point! Enjoy! by ggalindo | on February 21, 2013 I came across this article on Christianity Today and it was too good not to share. Steven James writes this like a HOW TO; But many of us can relate to certain points : 1 –Continue reading “A Different Set of Seven Habits”