Book Review: The Blender Girl



The Blender Girl: 100 gluten-free, vegan recipes

by Tess Masters

Jam- packed with recipes, this book was difficult to put down. I read through so many scrumptious ideas that even I, an amateur blender user was inspired. Tess shares recipes for smoothies, soups, milks, desserts, drinks, juices and tonics, and condiments, sauces & creams. She provides a great introduction to blenders and ingredients that enrich one’s diet and health. I was educated on alkaline, raw, and soy and sugar-free foods. She instigates proper care of a blender by sharing helpful tips on how to layer ingredients into the blender for optimal results. The ingredients seem extensive but I did like the reasoning behind them. I have a Sprouts food store close by so I do not mind getting the natural ingredients as well as the nuts she seems to put in many recipes. I was impressed that there was a healthy version of pizza, chili, mushroom stroganoff, and TACOS! For the dessert lovers she has delicious recipes like “chocolate-chile banana spilly”, “dark chocolate pudding”, and “Sugar-free no-pumpkin pie”. The only matters of apprehension are that Tess seems to use raw nuts in several of her recipes which are concerns for many. She also has extensive recipes; I don’t think I saw many with less than seven items, most have more. This does not scare me though, I look forward to trying as many as possible.

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Book Review: JUICE



Juice: Recipes for Juicing, Cleansing, and Living Well

Carly de Castro, Hedi Gores & Hayden Slater, Founders of Pressed Juicery

Photos by Anaïs & Dax

As an amateur juicer, I have juiced off and on. Different times in my life I have been more motivated than others, for the most part life gets so busy that it is pretty much out of sight out of mind or a serious lack of planning. Juice: Recipes for Juicing, Cleansing, and Living Well puts those excuses right out the door. The physical aspects of the book being hard cover and small make it easy to store in the kitchen, while the content of the book, well-organized and divided into sections throughout 12 chapters and multiple resources in the back, make this book a wonderful addition to your kitchen bookshelf.

Another aspect of the text that I enjoyed was the option for blending instead of juicing. The authors describe the difference and reference their options for the best blending tools and ingredients. One big discovery for me is the chia seed. I had heard they were good for you but I had no idea how good. The information provided about many ingredients is included.

I really enjoy the learning process of what ingredients really do for one’s body as well as the expert advice about different juicing machines, so a person can make an informed decision. The book has definitions and descriptions throughout which put amateurs such as me at ease with the process of making healthy changes. The text is packed full of recipes making a variety of flavors and juice types from milky drinks to flavored waters and the one many of us have trouble stomaching, or should I say tasting, the green drinks. Really it is all a matter of getting over the look and the misconceived ideas of what green juices will taste like. Through some of these recipes, I have overcome my own obstacles in this area. I really enjoy juicing and making smoothies and these recipes make it easier and easier to follow through with a healthy and tasty habit.


Book reviewed by LG.

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Book Review: I Quit Sugar

I Quit Sugar: Your Complete 8-week Detox Program and Cookbook

Author: Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson created a very welcoming text as she opens with a “A Little Dedication” stating “You’re not alone, We’re all in this Together.” Wilson shares her story and encourages others to make positive changes for their own sake. The foreword by Dan Buettner, National Geographic Fellow and New York Times best-selling author (p. 9), shares his studies of those living to be 100, as well as, his opinion on Sara Wilsons approach to eating.  Sarah helps us understand the realities of our lives in relation to sugar consumption and presents a down to earth explanation and solution to our current circumstances with food. Her eight week program is simple to understand and the recipes easy to prepare as they are just a matter of switching out ingredients. Most of the recipes are what she calls “Paleo-suitable with some great vegetarian and vegan options provided” (p. 5) As she explains we are designed to eat 6-9 teaspoons of sugar a day one realizes that 24-36 grams of sugar daily is the limit most tend to exceed daily. She points out the science that fructose is the evil culprit because it makes one eat more, coverts to fat and causes illness (p. 17). Her alternatives, starting with the “9 C’s of goodness” are easy to use and I have converted to most of them already. I love her approach to the topic. Simple recipes include a range from homemade ketchup, and other sauces to breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes that sure to please. The education one receives while on this very valuable journey to health is priceless with benefits in mind, body and spirit. Book Review by LG



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I loved watching this bit. It makes total sense to me that a child would be seen as brainwashed and I would like to think that the world would be a better place if there was more of this going on…


“Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it”

(Proverbs 22:6, NKJV).

Thank you for posting this story!

To All My Nervous Homeschool Mommies…

To all my nervous mommies getting ready to homeschool… YOU CAN DO IT!!! There is an amazing amount of information on the internet. Resources are bountiful and I wanted to share a few with you today. Read through the links below and don’t be nervous, all ideas are workable and changeable. Go with the flow and have fun! As God for wisdom during the process. He has equipped you to do what you have to do to raise your child the way he has laid it on your heart. Learning with your child is the best thing you can do. Remember-It doesn’t have to be perfect. Peacefully look through these links and pick up what you can use, discard the rest and ENJOY YOUR TIME with that special little (or big) person in your life:


Teaching Strategies

Lesson Planning Activities, Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies

Teaching Tools, Puzzlemaker, Art Gallery, Brain Boosters

Graphic Organizers and Checklists for Reading Books and Websites:

Strategies for Reading Comprehension

Resources for Parents and Teachers

Instructional Materials for Teachers

Instructional Reading Materials

Teacher Resources

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Curriculum Review: The Hands-On Equations Program

By Dr. Henry Borenson Ed.D

Can you solve: 4x-2x+3=2x+2x-x? Your child will with a smile on their face! I recently received The Hands-On Equations Program by Dr. Henry Borenson . for review which truly is a break through in the process of learning algebra. The DVD has a copyright date from 2005 so I guess I am a bit behind the times! Funny enough, I began researching algebra when I was preparing to tutor.  I found “Hands-On” to be very interesting.  I know algebra, but have never seen it explained like this before. It definitely wasn’t taught like this while I was learning algebra, not even close. Before receiving the program, I began working through some equations in a tutoring session I was leading and one of my students started drawing several triangles and squares on a line. I had no idea what he was doing, we did talk about it, but when I went through these Hands-On Equation lessons I was amazed, my student had been solving problems the Borenson way! Needless to say they really did not need help with the topic of algebraic equations!

This program came to me in a kit that included an instructional DVD and manual, a laminated scale template, a baggie full of pawns and number cubes, a catalog, an introductory workbook full of consumable lessons, an objective list, another list of verbal problems, several offers with information on expanding the program through whiteboard, black line masters and webinars, a newsletter, an introduction + 3 levels of teacher edition booklets with teaching instructions and a big WOW! QR codes printed into the work and linked to videos and online resources. I love that!

The 120 minute DVD, broken into lessons, starts with Borenson as the teacher but continues with first a boy, Eric Borentstein, and then a girl, Molly Richman, using the scale to solve the equations. They did a wonderful job explaining and proved that children can do algebra at any age! I know that my quest started when my math-a-phobic children who are creatively gifted needed help. Molly and Eric use the hands on scale to solve their equations but Molly goes on to show how to do it on paper or in her case the dry erase board. The lessons obviously get progressively harder or more complicated but I was not having a hard time following and I foresee students understanding with the same ease as they continue to practice. Borenson already achieved these awards: PracticalHomeschooling%20Award%202012%20at%2072%20DPITCL%20Award

Who would have thought that you could “play” algebraic equations??? This program is impressive and fits the needs of all types of learners: auditory, kinesthetic and visual! It is also fit for any age because it only assumes that the student knows simple addition and subtraction.  It is simple in its explanations on how to solve algebraic equations and expressions. Every school, tutor, and educator should use these methods to take the shock out of getting to algebra class in high school! But more particularly, parents who home school, like me, should not hesitate to use this with their children throughout their education, particularly 3rd grade and up. I know I plan on using it in my education center and in my personal use while homeschooling my own while sharing it with every parent as a must have math resource to purchase! Thanks Dr. Borenson, you just made our lives as parents,  teachers, and students a little easier!

“I received this program from the publisher in consideration of my
doing and publishing an honest review, which I have done above.”

Book Review: Prized!

Prized!  Your Journey as His Daughter by Noelle Toscano


I picked up Prized!  Your Journey as His Daughter for my thirteen year old daughter but it seemed to have started off in a somewhat gloomy way to me. Maybe the author is assuming that all teenage girls feel inadequate. Surely most do, but, after reading the introduction (I am referencing the middle because the first and last paragraphs were great) I think she was talking to me more than my daughter.

Most of her stories were pleasantly applicable to me coming from experiencing the 80’s.  For the older crowd it is relatable and contained many memory triggers from jelly shoes to Alvin and the Chipmunks cartoon references. Yet, that confused me because I could not tell who her target audience was from the introduction and the first chapter. On the back cover she relates the message:

“The teen age years bring some of the most difficult experience that life has to offer… Prized!  Your Journey as His Daughter is filled with relatable stories, helpful tips, and the truth of God’s Word that will offer inspirations as you navigate the wonderful world of dating, making and maintaining healthy friendships, learning to understand and relate to parents, dealing with superficiality and realizing your full potential as God’s beloved Child.”

Toscano includes a touching section on her autistic son and motherhood. Though I found this to be a wonderful addition to her book, this is not teen content, a least not a younger teen. It’s just not significant to what most are going through right now. I did however, for future reference, think that chapter five on dating is good for her reading. The author made many wonderful points and suggestions. I also thought that she gave great advice on how to pray for your parents and use self-control with body language.

Again, the content is great for adults; I totally got it, I just don’t see her talking to a teen as her listener throughout the entire book.  I know some teens may have to deal with some harsh changes that girls tend to go through during the teenage years, so this book may be perfect for them.

I loved the points she makes, and even the title, but the summary on the back should not mention this to be a teen book which does encompass younger teens, rather, in my opinion for women mothering teens to impart Tuscano’s information as it begins to apply to their teen’s lives.  I truly enjoyed it myself. Maybe I misinterpreted the reference to teens in the summary on the back cover but I wouldn’t give it to a younger teen. Despite that, it was enjoyable to me and I encourage you to read it.

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