Book Review: Child Training Boot Camp

Bible Study for Busy Mamas – Child Training Boot Camp: A Thirty Day Bible Study By Pam Forster Understanding yourself and then your child is significant to creating an environment conducive to obedience. How many times has a parent been scolding their children only to imagine the scolding finger is really pointing right at them?Continue reading “Book Review: Child Training Boot Camp”

Curriculum Review: Writing Strands Basic Starter Set

Writing Strands:  Level 2 Writing Strands:  Level 3 Writing Strands:  Evaluating Writing Reading Strands:  Understanding Fiction By Dave Marks In this blog post, I am reviewing The Writing Strands Bundle: Basic Beginner Set from Masterbooks from New Leaf Publishing. The bundle came with a  Level 2 and 3 Writing Strands book, Understand Fiction Reading StrandsContinue reading “Curriculum Review: Writing Strands Basic Starter Set”

Curriculum Review: Jacob’s Ladder

  Jacob’s Ladder Reading Comprehension Program Nonfiction: Grade 5 Joyce L. VanTassel Baska, Ed. D. and Tamra Stambaugh, Ph.D. Students submerged into today’s educational system are confronted with all types of critical writing assessments. Students schooling for more than 12 years and preparing for college entrance exams need an easy to use reading comprehension programContinue reading “Curriculum Review: Jacob’s Ladder”

Curriculum Review: Money Wise DVD Set

  Money Wise by Chad Hovind   Biblical Principals of Work and Finance   Moneywise is a 3 DVD Series with 14 lessons on what God says about money. The creators of this DVD set introduce the series with several promises of exciting interactions and visuals within the 13 week series of Moneywise lessons. DoContinue reading “Curriculum Review: Money Wise DVD Set”

Book Review: I’m Not Afraid

I shared Lee Ann Mancini’s children’s book, I’m Not Afraid!, with my students and they loved it. This book, illustrated by Dan Sharp, is a part of a series of  award winning books about the Coral Hood Sea Kids and their adventures. This adorable little book is full of great lessons! Based on Isaiah 28:9-10,Continue reading “Book Review: I’m Not Afraid”

DVD Review: Theo V3: God’s Heart

What an honor to be invited by FishFlix to review a Christian Children’s DVD. I was so excited when FishFlix sent Theo: Teaching Children God’s Word which includes God’s Heart: Lesson 7- Justification, Lesson 8- Adoption, and Lesson 9- A Day in Prayer. I invited all of my children (ages 4, 10, 14, and 16)Continue reading “DVD Review: Theo V3: God’s Heart”

Curriculum Review: Worldviews in Conflict A Study in Western Philosophy, Literature, & Culture

By Kevin Swanson Generations with Vision 10461 South Parker Road Parker, CO 80134 (Disclaimer by publisher – “Because a study of history contains both documented facts pertaining to dates, conversations, and events in the past, as well as opposing and controversial interpretations of the significance of those events, people, and ideas, some educational content canContinue reading “Curriculum Review: Worldviews in Conflict A Study in Western Philosophy, Literature, & Culture”

Reblog of College-bound students: Create a Positive Digital Footprint

By Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov, Law Professor & Children’s Rights Advocate, European Schoolnet From Laura Galindo:   I believe this is a very important topic in our modern day. Keeping a positive digital footprint can be very difficult if a student doesn’t see social media for what it is: a permanent connection with the entire world. DependingContinue reading “Reblog of College-bound students: Create a Positive Digital Footprint”

Curriculum Review:ACT & College Preparation Course for the Christian Student/ SAT & College Preparation Course for the Christian Student

    Stobaugh (2012) did a wonderful job at organizing the information in The SAT and The ACT College Preparation Course for the Christian Student.   He states, “The ACT test assesses high school students’ general educational development and their ability to complete college-level work. The SAT, on the other hand, is an IQ-type test …Continue reading “Curriculum Review:ACT & College Preparation Course for the Christian Student/ SAT & College Preparation Course for the Christian Student”