I loved watching this bit. It makes total sense to me that a child would be seen as brainwashed and I would like to think that the world would be a better place if there was more of this going on…


“Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it”

(Proverbs 22:6, NKJV).

Thank you for posting this story!

New Enrichments Posted!!


2013 Enrichments Schedule







Family   and Consumer Science


Family   and Consumer Science










Piano/Keyboarding   Basics






$10.00/ class upon arrival

Full semester payment discounts:

First Semester – 15 weeks

1x a week classes $130

2x a week classes $280

Second Semester – 20 weeks

1x a week classes $180

2x a week classes $380

Class Descriptions:

Family and Consumer Science: (also known as Home economics or Home Ec.) is the profession and field of study that deals with the economics and management of the home and community. Home economics is a field of formal study including such topics as consumer education, institutional management, interior design, home furnishing, cleaning, handicrafts, sewing, clothing and textiles, commercial cooking, cooking, nutrition, food preservation, hygiene, child development, managing money, and family relationships. This teaches students how to properly run a family environment and make the world a better place for generations to come. * This is a non-credit course. **

Art: Art 1 is an introduction to art offering the opportunity to develop a greater sensitivity to the visual world, its formal order, and its overall unity. The students develop a vocabulary for art, and the skill to graphically express their own inner ideas and attitudes. This is a non-credit course.*/ **

Drama: Learning the Art of Acting through Games and Exercises aka FUN!

Spanish: This course serves as an introduction to the Spanish language and culture. Basic listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and sharing skills are developed. Communication skills are the primary focus of this course. Students will be able to express themselves and engage in simple conversations in Spanish within the limits of their knowledge of vocabulary and structure. This is a non-credit course.

Technology: SEC students will learn up-to-date information on how to use technology responsibly. Topics included are cyber safety, promoting business or organizations through social networks (such as Facebook, Pintrest, and Twitter), web page building, Microsoft office applications, including creating presentations that incorporate pictures and video. This is a non-credit course.

Entrepreneurship: Students will plan, propose, conduct, and evaluate a business entrepreneurship. This course will identify opportunities for involvement in business professional organizations and their role in starting new creative enterprises. This course primarily focuses on leadership, communication, employer-employee relations, and problem solving as they relate to business. We will also be using Cash-Flow 101 to build the business mind in your child! This is a non-credit course.

Piano/Keyboarding Basics: We are pleased to announce the addition of Basic Piano/Music to SEC. The class will cover the basics of Piano with a twist-No theory here; we just want to play music! Have you ever heard of a fake book? You will learn what that is here! Learning how to play does not have to be so difficult, especially for those who enjoy playing and have an ear for picking up tunes. This class includes the basic keyboarding technique. Each child participating will need to bring their keyboard in on class day in order to participate. **

G.Y.M. Class (Get Yourself Moving): Need to get moving?  We don’t have organized sports, we have so much more. I am excited about exploring multiple ways of enjoying life through fun activities. We will be using all types of cardio methods to get our heart rate up from kickboxing to dance techniques to tennis and strength training (using our own body weight). Are you in?

Creative Projects Class/Tutoring:  A class that focuses on finishing projects from our curriculum, enrichments or anything we can put our minds too! Projects planned include Science labs, Invention Convention, Hands on Math, Writing Workshops and more! On occasion this time slot will be used for tutoring purposes based on need. **


**project supplies may be needed on occasion.

Tweens & Teens Roller Skating Night!

Join us as ACT (Awesome Christian Teens) meet up on July 31st, 6:30pm at:

Arlington Skatium 
5515 S Cooper St, Arlington, TX (map)
  • Our first Mixer! Look for us at Arlington Skatium on Wednesday CHEAP SKATE NIGHT. $1.99 entrance/$1.00 skates/$3.00 in-line skates. PLEASE RSVP, for more details see… Learn more

Hosted by: Schelastic Education Center (Laura Galindo)

Math Camp on July 12th!

Do your hands start sweating when you think about Math? Frustrated?


Math is Cool!

Math is Cool!

All Day Math Camp (Beginners Algebra Concepts)

July 12th 9am-3pm! $10 plus lunch money

RSVP by July 5th @

Supplies Needed: Pen/Pencils, Scissors, Spiral Notebook, Glue/Stick

GEMS Organization in the Works!

Guess what!!??? I am so excited that I have finally found a girls organization that upholds the beliefs that I do as a Christian mother and educator! GEMS stands for Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior!  Check out what happens at a GEMS meeting:

You can find more detailed information at .

If you would like to participate in the Arlington, Texas Area,  join us this fall!  Email: for more information.

Cashflow 101 in the House!


Learn to Get Out of the Rat Race …

“In 1994, after becoming financially free, I was searching for a way to teach others what my rich dad had taught me. You can only learn so much by reading and it dawned on me that rich dad taught me through repetition. That is why I began creating educational board games. They are, in my opinion, the easiest and best way to increase your financial intelligence while you’re having fun. The rich teach their children how to convert earned income into either passive or portfolio income. If you were raised middle-class or poor, chances are that you were not taught the fundamentals of finance.

This is one thing CASHFLOW the game trains players how to do. By playing the game over and over, you begin to break up the core conditioning most people learn at home and at school—the conditioning of working hard for money…”

Our 2013-2014 Entrepreneur class attendees will be learning from the master — Robert Kiyosaki through his Cashflow 101 game! I am so excited about the opportunity to transform young minds into thinking Rich! I have played this game several times with family and learning to deal with any life situation and recognize opportunities is the key to success! Loving it!

Credit Advancement and Recovery Programs Now Open!

Credit Recovery and Advancement Program Information:

Schelastic Education Center provides students with the opportunity to recover credits of failed coursework  as well as provides students with the opportunity to advance in gaining credits of upcoming course work.

We offer all traditional courses for elementary, middle and high school as well as AP course work in US History and Calculus.

Students are required to bring a personal laptop to participate in online activities and lessons.

For full detailed information click here:

Follow Me to Credit Recovery and Advancement!