Enrollment Process for Members (Non-Members see below)

Throughout the year, Schelastic Education Center (in SW Arlington) offers students online course work and enrichment classes. We accept participation at anytime. 

Throughout the membership process, we will work with you to determine the good fit between your family and Schelastic Education Center, as well as to provide your child or teen with the information he or she needs to make his or her own decision about enrollment. All enrollment begins with a one-year initial commitment following a Practice Period (usually two weeks), and we further ask that teens commit to being at the school for at least two years.

We believe that most children can thrive with Schelastic Education Center’s programs if they choose to take advantage of the resources available. In some cases, though, we find that we are unable to make an offer of membership. Factors in such a decision may include a lack of impulse control  or a history of severe behavioral or emotional patterns that may be difficult for our community to absorb. Academic performance and IEPs are not factors in our membership process. If you’re wondering if your child is a good fit, we encourage you to give us a call at 817-441-3066.

With or without special needs or giftedness, Schelastic Education Center welcomes every child who wants to participate and can thrive in our community, and welcomes families of every composition.

 Membership Process

During the membership process, we will work with you to help both your family and the school evaluate the good fit between your child or teen and Schelastic Education Center, as well as to provide your student with the information he or she will need in order to make an informed choice about whether or not he or she wants to take advantage of our programs. Our process can be broken down into these easy steps:

  1. Learn about Schelastic Education Center.
    • If you’re here, you’ve already started! There’s plenty here to explore, but when you’re ready to move on…
    • Call or email with questions, or to schedule a visit.
  2. Come for a Membership Visit.
    • Call 817-441-3066 to make an appointment for your family to visit.
    • At your Membership Visit, you will meet with a representative of the center to help both you and the center determine the good fit for your family. This is an opportunity for  you to learn more about Schelastic Education Center, just as we’re  getting to know you, so feel free to bring lots of questions!
    • We encourage all involved  parents and/or guardians to attend a Membership Visit prior to enrollment.
    • Membership Visits take about two hours and are conducted during the school year, and with  greater scheduling flexibility over the summer.
    • Bring a filled out preliminary short form.
  3. Enroll!
  • Within about a week of your Membership Visit, we will contact you  to complete the Membership process.

You’re enrolled! Great! Now what?

Come enjoy the supportive environment provided!

All students begin with a Practice Period, usually two weeks in length, after which your family will meet with a representative of the school for a “Check In” meeting to confirm the enrollment. Either your family or the school may choose to extend the Practice Period at that time. With the end of the Practice Period, families commit to remaining at the school for one year, with enrollment continuing until terminated with at least 30 days’ notice after that time.

Process for Non-Members

If you would like to take advantage of our enrichment classes see our Non-Membership Information section under the Membership Information Tab and our Calendar to review our fees and schedules.

Select your classes and fill out the preliminary short form.

All fees due upon reservation of seat in class.