Enrichment Support Only 1st-12th

Semester classes are held on a Monday-Thursday schedule depending on the class – some are two days a week and others are only one day a week.  Please see our Calendar at http://www.schelastic.com

All enrichment classes last 50 minutes:  1:00-1:50pm or 2:00-2:50pm; Dismissal at 3:00 daily.

Per Class Fees vary by class:

$70.00:   8-week series price: Discounted for full upfront payment per semester 8-week series

$10.00:   per class fee upon arrival- Low, no-commitment price

Spanish for High School Credit Only:  $230.00 per semester + books – a $70.00 discount for those who pay upfront per semester! – M/W 1:00-1:50pm.- Spanish I from Bob Jones University, text and activity book needed.


Enrichment Schedule


Monday        Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday     Friday
1:00-1:50 Spanish Spanish Spanish Spanish Tentative Field-Trip
2:00-2:50 Personal Finance Dave Ramsey Technology/


Bible College Prep
3:00 Dismissal Dismissal Dismissal Dismissal  

Spanish: This course serves as an introduction to the Spanish language and culture. Basic listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and sharing skills are developed. Communication skills are the primary focus of this course. Students will be able to express themselves and engage in simple conversations in Spanish within the limits of their knowledge of vocabulary and structure. This course fulfills the requirements of one credit of foreign language required for high school graduation. Textbooks required.

Technology/ Entrepreneurship: SEC students will learn up-to- date information on how to use technology responsibly. Topics included are cyber safety, promoting business or organizations through social networks (such as Facebook, Pintrest, and Twitter), web page building, Microsoft office applications, including creating presentations that incorporate pictures and video. Students will plan, propose, conduct, and evaluate a business entrepreneurship. This course will identify opportunities for involvement in business professional organizations and their role in starting new creative enterprises. This course primarily focuses on leadership, communication, employer-employee relations, and problem solving as they relate to business. We will also be using Cash-Flow 101 to build the business mind in your child!

Bible-This bible class introduces students to missions and outreach as well as allows them the opportunity to investigate the Bible in-depth in a classroom discussion type setting.

Dave Ramsey/Personal Finance- It is SO important to understand how to handle and plan your financial future to avoid living paycheck to pay check. We will use Dave Ramsey’s curriculum made just for high school students to prepare for the future with wisdom. Personal Finance for middle/high school students exposes students to real world situations helping them understand how to prepare themselves for those first years of managing their personal finances. Textbook required.

College Prep- College Prep helps students get college minded. Exposure to SAT/ACT practices, gathering goals and visions for their future and exploring college requirements are only a few of the projects tackled in this class.


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