Scholarship Info

Congratulations on making the decision to seek a Scholarship to Schelastic Education Center! We are excited to announce that we have a scholarship available for half of one year’s membership to SEC! Read below for the following steps in applying for a scholarship:

  1. Parent and student must be in agreement with our belief system and expectations.
  2. Parent and student must fill out an SEC membership information and submit with your essay.
  3. Parent must commit to pay registration, curriculum fees, and other half of membership fees upon acceptance of the scholarship.
  4. Student must turn in an essay answering the following questions (typed, double-spaced, 1 page or more and email the essay to   Why do you want to be a Schelastic Education Center Student?  What is your favorite service project to volunteer in?
  5. All entries due by July 31st.
  6. Winner will remain anonymous for student’s privacy.
  7. Winner will be chosen by non-partial third-party not associated with SEC.
  8. With parental permission student must send in an email with parent’s name and phone number, student’s full name, age, and date along with their attached word document and membership application (found at under enrollment tab).

If you are the winner you will be notified by email reply by August 3rd.

While you’re waiting visit us on Facebook for updates!

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